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Mariela Madjarova Mariela Madjarova

The company's CEO on the challenge to offer working security solutions all over the world

When 27 years ago Mariela Madjarova started working for Teletek Electronics, a Bulgarian company for security and fire alarm technology, she was the sole sale-person in it. Today she is its CEO, and Teletek Electronics has an international presence, rock-solid authority and the reputation of an organisation that values quality and never stops improving itself.

What is to be a CEO of the only Bulgarian com­pany for security and fire alarm systems with inter­national presence?

It is a great honour and a big responsibility! I am extremely happy that mine and our team's year-long efforts are successful year after year. In the past 7 years our average revenue growth is 18%. We are operational on over 75 markets. When a company has a good image and is well-known, maintaining such reputation is a hard task. It can be done only with the dedicated work of all employees. This is the key to Teletek Electronics' success – the machine cannot work without every employee's contribution. A company is an organism, all of its organs have to function properly to have a proper end result.

International competition also helps us. If we are not on a par with multibillion companies in regard of product solutions and customer service, we have no chance to remain successful.

This is another thing that distinguishes us: our special treatment of clients and their market needs.

What are the current trends in the field and how Teletek Electronics meets to them?

We live in the era of fast-developing high technologies, particularly in the field of electronics. The trends are towards hybrid and wireless solutions, mobile con­nect­ivity, communication modules, automatisation, Internet of Things and system integration. Actually, all is integration of different systems in the home, the office, the everyday life and work.

SMART Home and Home Automation are a hot topic, they allow the customer to manage with their mobile phone the alarm and other systems in the home, such as the heating, the electricity, the lightning. The trend is also increasingly applied in multi-story office buildings and compounds, with the integration of systems such as intruder and fire alarm, evacuation system and access control system in a shared system and management.

Believe me, it is a real challenge for a Bulgarian com­pany to answer to fast-developing technologies and to keep its position on the world market where are present leaders like Bosh, Siemens, Honeywell. When we succeed we are really proud!

Regarding fire alarms, our life depends on early warning. That is why early fire detection and early warning are the most important part of this field. Here the trend is, too, towards integration, wireless solutions, connectedness and shared management. It is important and valuable when the customer can receive an alarm that there is a fire danger and timely evacuation is needed on their mobile phone, on the doorman monitor, as an sms and a call. Our software for monitoring and video surveillance Observer allows verification of the fire in real time and timely reaction.

Teletek Electronics,

What will be the security alarm technology of the future?

Smart, wireless and integrated. It is the time of smart technologies. All appliances we use in our everyday life are getting smarter. Even the simplest appliances already have options for work with mobile applications, integration with other systems and autonomous management. Intruder and fire alarm systems of the future will not make an exception.

Recommend a Teletek Electronics solution for security and fire alarm technology for the modern home and office?

The Bravo wireless system is the best choice for a small to mid-size apartment, office or store. It is incredibly fast and easy to install and use. You can install it by yourself and when you move home, you can take it with you. It protects you from break in, robbery, flood, fire and allows you to know what is going on in your home 24/7. The mobile app can integrate as well CCTV cameras.

Our hybrid solutions from the Eclipse series are for larger spaces. The additional option for work on a time schedule is great for offices and warehouses as it allows autonomous management of the system following a work schedule set in advance.

Do not underestimate professional fire protection, prevention and warning. Small businesses and offices can only benefit from MAG, our smallest fire alarm system, which is conventional and can support up to 64 detectors.

In a shopping centre, hotel, airport, public buildings and other spaces with a lot of people we can provide increased security with our SIMPO and IRIS addressing systems. Their support is measured on square meter of built-up area and over 150,000 detection points.

Teletek Electronics,

How do you guarantee the quality of your products? What makes you stand out?

Teletek Electronics is ISO 9001:2015 certified and as early as 1995 became one of the first 5 certified companies in the electronics field in Bulgaria. Our certificates are directly connected to design, manufacture and service of intruder and fire alarm systems. Our products are tested and certified in accordance with the current European regulations by accredited laboratories.

We stand out with the high and consistent quality of our products. They meet the EN54 and EN50131 standards and are audited every year by authorised laboratories. We offer not just a range of products, but complete solutions – from alarm systems for the home to high-technology integrated systems for large buildings. We are proud that with our technology are equipped places such as the Lufthansa Technik Sofia base, the building of the Defence Ministry and the NATO's headquarters in Sofia, the parliament of Moldova, the city hall of Lisbon, hospitals, universities, large hotel chains and banks and other important buildings in over 75 countries. Last but not least, come our investments in new developments and innovations of existing products and solutions. Currently we have over 200 own developments. This is how we succeed in answering the constantly growing needs of our customers and preserve our serious positions on this dynamic market.


Sofia, 14А Srebarna St

phone: (+359 2) 9694 800

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