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Mitko Tsonev, owner of Valkrea.House Mitko Tsonev, owner of Valkrea.House

Mitko Tsonev, owner of Valkrea.House on the benefits of a well designed system for living space automatisation

Valkrea.House is producer of integrated wireless solutions for smart homes. Its services include bespoke solution on request, selection of the right system for your property and lifestyle, and retrofitting your flat or planning a new smart building.

What are the advantages of a smart home?

In short, the same as of smartphone - you have on your palm real-time information with real-life application. Smart homes are object of heated disputes because for some they are an investment in future and for others they are not needed. A traditional house is like as a black box - it is blind, deaf and mute. We live in it and each month we receive the bills for our inhabitation. When a smart home system is installed, inhabitants gain significant advantage, which produces the rest of the benefits. A smart home is a transparent system that provides information about electronic devices' energy consumption, which lamp is turned on when, who and when has locked and unlocked the door. The examples are many and they allow us to change the relationship with our home from passive one into being actively informed and able to take action on time. Transparency gives us control, which leads to effectiveness. Despite scepticism, security is another major benefit. A smart home can inform us timely not only on external dangers, but also on fire or flood risk so that we can act before the actual event happens. Last, but not least, smart home means personalisation. Each element in it can be set to work as we wish, for our greatest comfort.

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Is it easy to own a smart home?

It is extremely easy. Each element in our home that can be remotely managed via an app is a part of a smart home by definition. This includes smart thermostats, bells, vacuum cleaners, loudspeakers etc. Three main elements should be considered when creating a smart home: management, compatibility and investment. Management via mobile app is useful only when it is well developed and user friendly. Some apps are too complicated or lack functions such as sharing management with other family members. Here comes the second problem: compatibility. Smart home allows us to set in motion preliminary programmed scenes that synchronises the function of different devices. For example, with activating the morning scene, we want to simultaneously turn on the radio, the lightning and the heating. But if our smart loudspeakers, lamps and thermoheads are not compatible, we will need to open each app to activate them separately. Which will mean that our smart home is not particularly smart. To ensure we have a working and useful system we need to invest in a quality smart home system. The investment will pay off thanks to smart home's effectiveness and the increased value of the property. Its scope, however, depends on personal preferences. As any other market in this one, too, there are leaders of quality with higher prices, and more affordable products.

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How can Valkrea.House help us having a smart home?

We, at Valkrea.House, are led by communication with and understanding of our clients in order to design for them complete integrated solution for their project, home or office. Our expertise is in selection of the right combination of devices working within shared system and meeting the requirements for functionality and quality set by our partners. Then we instal and configure the components. When we finish, we teach the owners how to use the smart home system and stay in touch for maintenance, if needed. Our company philosophy pays special attention to ability for integration, regardless of the condition of the home. Our solutions suit both completely furnished family homes where overhaul is neither needed nor wanted, and projects at their initial phase of development where the goal is to design a whole smart building.

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