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Borislava Ivanova, HR & Legal Director of Modis Bulgaria Borislava Ivanova, HR & Legal Director of Modis Bulgaria

Modis Bulgaria has become one of the businesses in Bulgaria with the most complex and effective measures for protection against COVID-19 and support for the employees and society. Borislava Ivanova, HR & Legal Director of the company, shares her experience and advice for ensuring safe working environment for employees.

Months after the spread of COVID-19 all around the globe people are still reluctant to believe that they need to stay away from what was previously considered a daily routine. We are challenged to change our habits and relationships, to focus on new activities and to adapt to new ways of work and communication. Here the role of governments and businesses is crucial to ensure safety and stability to help avoiding panic and to lead the new order in society. Today we talk much more about socially responsible companies – the ones that support not only their employees, but also their partners and the society they exist in. Being such a business, we believe it is important to share our principles and beliefs that can give us all directions for handling the current situation.

Consider your colleagues as the most important factor for your business’ success

We, at Modis, put our people first. Our mission is not only to help them develop, learn and grow, but also to take care of them in such crisis – to make sure they are safe and healthy. Therefore, our first move prior to the emergency state in Bulgaria was to plan the safe company processes concerning our colleagues, candidates, customers and the society. As a result, our first steps included the provision of face masks and disinfectants for all employees at our premises and, later on, a home-office work process was introduced for all 1,400 Modis Bulgaria employees with all the necessary equipment provided for them to work. Now we are conducting all processes such as recruitment, onboarding and training without disturbing the organization's normal operations. We are currently onboarding 20-25 people every week entirely online and give access to our employees to more than 100 free online courses and training programs. This would have never been possible without the great work and collaboration by all our functional and operational teams.

And we are not only about working but also about having fun. Here is why at the moment we organize regular online well-being sessions, mental talks, online photo contests, sports activities and much more.

Provide timely feedback to your colleagues

My experience shows that in times of uncertainty it is most important to provide timely and adequate information and leave no reasons for panic. Our tactics includes regular and thorough information we provide to our colleagues about the current situation, government regulations and the position of our business. At the moment, we conduct such campaigns via email and online meetings hosted by our senior management team.

Maintain regular and timely communication with your customers

Having taken care of our people, we turned to our clients. I am happy that we managed to ensure business continuity and never stopped delivering our services and solutions when our clients needed them the most. We try to constantly inform our partners about the changes we make and our efforts to ensure business as usual. The feedback we receive not only from our partners but also from other Modis countries tells us we have done a good job.

Be brave to adapt and transform

Times of crisis are times for taking decisions, being flexible and reacting to changes. I would even say anticipating shifts in the world of work which will endure even after all this is gone. Here I would point out the great work we have had with the rest of the brands within the Adecco Group modifying our strategies, HR processes and ensuring timely and useful information and implementation.

Last but, not least, collaboration with governmental institutions is vital for stable and transparent relations between society and businesses. Here is why we are very active in collaborating with the General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency and the National and Local Employment Agencies. We have declared our readiness to employ people who have been laid off or others who match the profile of candidates we need – people with language and IT skills as well as with experience in various business areas and functions.

To limit the economic downturn and impact on people’s ability to earn a living, the labor market and all its stakeholders must quickly adjust to this new reality. It is important all of us to stay healthy, safe and focused in our daily tasks. Together we will find a way to get through this situation!

Modis is a global leader in IT and engineering consulting, workforce and skilling solutions. In Bulgaria, the company effectively deliver IT Service Desk, Data Center and Network Services, Application Development and Support and BPO Services, helping its clients’ success and improving their ability to compete in the new digitally transformed world.

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