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If there is one good piece of news about the financial crisis, then it is for those who seek to house their business somewhere new

If there is one good piece of news about the financial crisis, then it is for those who seek to house their business somewhere new. Quality spaces for leasing and buying are in abundance after the sharp turn in the business property market in 2009-2010 left many construction projects waiting for tenants. These include trade and commercial centres in all of the biggest cities in Bulgaria, so you can now choose a strategic location freely.

Moreover, the crisis has slowed down business growth, but has not stopped it entirely. It nearly did, however, with the construction business, and currently there are very few projects underway. The empty buildings will eventually have their tenants simply for lack of space everywhere, but if you want to beat the rush and escape the inevitable price rise, you can start looking now.

The upsurge in class A business buildings in the last few years means that many of the buildings now standing empty are supplied under all requirements – open office spaces, double flooring and communications, centralised air-conditioning and business-friendly location near major roads or transport hubs. If you are checking out such property, call an expert for a careful examination of the building – the fast depletion of finance made some construction companies forgo maintenance of the completed projects. Even in best condition, prices for rent should not be more than 10-12 euro per sq.m.

To combine great location with superb service, try out the premium office spaces of MEGAPARK. The most fashionable business complex in Sofia is situated on the main boulevard Tsarigradsko Shose which connects Sofia Airport and the city, guaranteeing you visibility and easy access both to the business zone of eastern Sofia and to the city centre. There is more than 45,000 sq.m office space and 3,500 sq.m trade space within the complex constructed on high international standards, and the remarkable architecture of the building has won the prestigious award for Business Building of the Year at the VIP Property Awards 2011.

In case you need storage or specialised handling space, Logistic Terminal Bourgas Free Zone is there to help out. The terminal offers multifunctional open and covered warehouse areas for rent, suitable for storage of variety of cargoes – bulk cargoes, containers, automobiles, palletised goods and the like. All areas come equipped with complete infrastructure and administrative buildings – offices, customs bureau together with security outfits, while the proximity of the terminal to sea, air, railway and road transportation makes it the perfect place for your business.

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