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Asya Velichkova, marketing and community manager, on bringing Swiss quality of dental care to Eastern Europe


With clinics in Bulgaria, Switzerland, Serbia and Montenegro, Anveli is the specialist in basal implants – a modern technology for restoration of even the most complex cases in just one week, without bone grafting. Asya Velichkova, marketing and community manager of Anveli Dental, shares more about this type of treatment and the quality of care at the clinics.

What are the latest trends in the dental market today?

Dental industry is seeing rapid demand for implantology treatments and fast adoption of new supporting technologies. The history of dental implants can be traced back to ancient Egypt. From carving seashells and/or stones back then to automated digitalized medical supporting technologies, dental implantology is a leading shaper of the dental trends today.

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Technologies such as treatment planning software, 3D printing allow greater precision and implant reliability, which made them the preferred treatment for edentulous patients or those with complex dental situations.

Research on dental implant designs, materials, and techniques has increased in the past few years and is expected to expand in the future due to the recent growth of the global market for dental implants and the rising demand for cosmetic dentistry.

How does Anveli Dental meet them?

Offering cutting-edge treatment to our patients is a core value for Anveli Dental. In order to have full control over the process and to guarantee the high quality of the whole implantology treatment, Anveli bases the treatment on basal implantology technique (BAx technique), allowing immediate loading of the implants and has a success rate of over 99.99%. Anveli Dental has set up partnerships with the biggest names in the implantology sphere, offering high-quality care to treat the most complex cases.

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The principle of the basal implant is based on its mode of retention. The basal implants used by Anveli are made of smooth titanium, which eliminates the chances for peri-implantitis.

In addition, Anveli has established its own in-clinic dental laboratories, where digital technology is used to make dental prostheses. The measurements are taken by a 3D scanner, and transferred to technicians, by modeling them by computer, the dental prosthesis is then shaped by a robot called CAD-CAM. Anveli laboratories are among the best-equipped laboratories in Europe, bringing together 3D Scan-Print, CAD-CAM, and Press Ceramic equipment.

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In this way we manage to organize a closed cycle with a fully digitalized process, allowing minimalizing of mistake chances and improving the precision. Moreover, the avoidance of outsourcing to other laboratories shortens the time for the treatment process down to 5 days.

What positive change does Anveli Dental bring to the patients? In what ways do you stand out from the rest on the market?

If we have to describe this change in 3 words – they will be health, comfort, and self-confidence. Every day we encounter the stories of our patients from all over the world and empathize with them. More than 50% of the adults over the age of 35 have advanced periodontal disease or gum disease. Untreated periodontitis leads to bone atrophy, lowering of the sinus floor, and loss of teeth.

These consequences affect the daily and fulfilling life of individuals – many people stop eating properly, shut themselves in, stop smiling, and avoid contact with friends and relatives.

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The lack of bone and the impossibility to undergo a conventional implantology treatment, is why many of the patients are described as "complex cases" and are denied a treatment by other clinics. To those patients, Anveli offers treatment with basal implants that allows:

• Full jaw restoration in 5 days;

• No bone grafting;

• Immediate dental implants;

• 99.99% success rate.

The loading protocol ensures perfect stability and good distribution of chewing forces and brings together all the qualities necessary for the success of the treatment.

Why did you decide to open Anveli Dental in Bulgaria?

Anveli Dental's goal has always been to help as many patients in difficult dental situation as possible. Therefore, Anveli clinics are present in 4 European countries – Bulgaria, Switzerland, Serbia and Montenegro.

Depending on the individual budget of everyone, Anveli counselors direct the patients to one of our clinics in Europe. For those requiring VIP service, the dental clinic in Switzerland offers a luxurious service with helicopter and limousine transfers. Obviously not everyone can afford such a service.

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Thus, Anveli Dental opened in Eastern European countries luxurious clinics with modern laboratories and medical staff trained in Switzerland. Same high quality dental care, but at a lower cost.

How does the treatment experience for a patient look like?

Usually we call this experience "the journey of the dream smile." Sounding poetic, behind it is hidden a professional team of counselors and medical experts, who work on analyzing the dental situation and developing individual treatment plans.

The counselors explain to the patients the basal implantology protocol and answer all their questions and concerns. They also assist in planning and organizing the trip to the chosen clinic and the stay during the treatment.

Once arriving in our clinics, the patients have the full assistance of our local counselors. In this way we assure the comfort of the patient during the treatment.

The placement of the basal implants and the fixation of the prosthesis are carried out in a single step of 5 days. The complete operation lasts on average 3 days. After the placement, 4 to 5 tests will be carried out to ensure a perfect design and the correct distribution of masticatory forces over the entire jaw.

Sofia, Belgrade, Zurich, Budva

+33 9 88 99 99 33, +359 2 491 7588

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