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Good, bad or unremarkable was 2016 for you? Whatever the answer is, the hopes and dreams for a marvellous 2017 are with us in the first days of the year, when the enthusiasm from counting from ten to zero and the memory for champagne bubbles on our palates are still fresh.

Each of us has a fond desire or a plan that he or she would like to see materialised during the new year. But while most of these things are the result of an intricate system of conscious efforts, coincidences, help from friends or adherents, and a number of other factors, there is a much easier way to bring happiness to ourselves and the ones we love.

Of course, we mean presents. A single visit to a store – a real or an online one – is enough to bring light and happiness not only to the beginning of the year, but to each of its 365 days, and to ensure us that there are not impossible things and that dark times are behind us for good. It is so easy to present happiness – let's do it!

Cœur de Lion: Conquering desire
Bracelet tower Coeur de LionFor the elegant woman, for the bold woman, for the woman who insists on her individuality: these are the new collections by Cœur de Lion ( Elegance takes the lead in the BRILLIANT COEUR line, with variants in anthracite, pearl white, chrome, agate grey and haematite, and also in pearl white, pink gold and golden beige combined with tiger's eye, or in midnight blue, crimson and onyx black. Boldness defines the INTENSE COEUR line with its intense, contrast colours in striking combinations of midnight blue, fuchsia pink, rose and blue zirconia or gold topaz.


I.N.O.X. PROFESSIONAL DIVER by VICTORINOX swiss army: For a lifetime, for each moment
INOX PRO DIVER by VictorinoxAdventure is the best gift, and reliable wristwatch is the best friend for the adventurer. When you are looking for a classy friend, opt for the proven professionalism of I.N.O.X. PROFESSIONAL DIVER by Victorinox Swiss Army ( This wristwatch is the embodiment of total functionality and uncompromising quality. Stylish and clear-lined, it has everything you need: excellent technical parameters, balance, durability, comfort. The I.N.O.X. PROFESSIONAL DIVER has an anti-magnetic protection (ISO 764), provides maximum visibility from a distance of 25cm in the dark and can withstand diving in waters at least 200m deep. In short, a wristwatch that will be with you for a lifetime, in each moment, and in each adventure.


BIOEFFECT: The Language of the Skin

BIOEFFECTBIOEFFECT ( is the world’s first skin care brand containing cellular activators made in plants. The internationally acclaimed BIOEFFECT EGF SERUM is a ground breaking anti-ageing product that delivers visible, dramatic improvements to all skin types. It utilises the proven anti-ageing power of EGF (epidermal growth factor) to restore your skin's youthful radiance, minimise signs of ageing and rejuvenate the complexion. The discovery of cellular activators earned Dr Stanley Cohen and Dr Rita Levi-Montalcini the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1986. The BIOEFFECT‘s scientists succeeded to produce human-like cellular activators in barley plants, thus inventing a patent-pending green biotechnology that ensures that the company skin care products contain cellular activators of maximum purity, activity and stability.



Vitality Silver ShampooGrizzled hair suits men and gives them a wise, noble look. The new product by the Italian professional cosmetics company Vitality's is specifically for men with salt and pepper or white hair, who want to neutralise the yellow shade, giving the hair a more noble colour. After regular use the hair slightly darkens, and the white areas get more silvery. Thanks to the active ingredients in its formula, Vitality’s For Man Silver Shampoo also takes care for the hair's health. The soy proteins restore and bring vitality, and the extracts of quinoa and ginger hydrate, nourish and tone both the hair and the scalp. The aroma and texture are consistent with the specifics of male hair and the men's preferences.


20 Years FOX Optics: Every success has its story

Fox OptixIf you combine 20 years of experience, 8 stores, 30 eye doctors and opticians, over 10 world-known brands of lenses and optical frames, impeccable attention to each detail, sophistication, style and class, the result will be only one – FOX Optics ( FOX Optics are the place for you if you are looking for a pair of eyeglasses that is a pretty accessory, comfortable for daily use and beneficial to your health. In FOX Optics you will receive a careful examination by a professional, an individual consultation, a perfect product made in the optics' own laboratories, excellent warranty and post-warranty maintenance and service, and above all – personal attention and undeniable quality.


YUNO PEARLS: Classical tenderness for ladies with style

YUNO PEARLSFor Jackie Kennedy, pearls were always appropriate, for Grace Kelly they were irreplaceable both on the silver screen and in life, while Coco Chanel insisted that each woman needed them. The suggestions by Yuno Pearls ( will show you that these legendary ladies were right: nothing compares to the delicate beauty of natural pearl. The Yuno Pearls jewellery, however, goes one step further. In a variety of colours, in combinations with gold, silver, steel or leather, in classical or modern designs, it proves that pearls are never boring and you can always rely on them to bring gentle beauty in your day.


NURI DIAMONDS: Present eternity as a gift

NURI DIAMONDSDiamonds are immune to the changes of time and fashion. The stylish, elegant piece of jewellery with them will never go out of fashion, will become the favourite memory for its owner and will turn into a valued family heritage handed down from generation to generation. The author’s jewellery by NURI DIAMONDS ( give you all of this. Choose the elegant earrings made of gold and precious stones, and you will receive not only an amazing gift, but also a certificate for the quality of the diamond from the company’s licensed laboratory, and an expert evaluation.


lavera Sleeping Cream We don't know what cosmetics did the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty use, but we are positive what the modern woman dedicated to the beauty and youth of her skin trusts: the Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream by lavera ( While you are enjoyig your sleep, this night cream is busy in action. The organic oil of almonds and organic olive oil, the selected biosaccharides, organic grape and Vitamin E stimulate the natural cell regeneration, and provide intensive hydration for fresh and radiant tone. When you wake up, your skin is so soft, elastic and shining with youth and health that even a fairy tale beauty will envy you.


Rollmann: The style of winter
RollmannComfort, warmth, style: this is all that the man needs in winter, and Rollmann (Sofia, 16 Knyaz Aleksandar I St, is the company to provide him with it. The established name in Bulgarian high class men’s fashion, Rollmann advices you to opt for the season’s trendy patterns in vintage check. The materials, varying from 100 percent wool to wool with addition of cashmere and cotton, are a guarantee for cosiness and warmth in the chilly months. Rollmann’s suggestion is an elegant checked blazer, for 398 leva.


Home'n'Roll by NIDO: A feel for home
Nido mobile homeContact with nature is the best cure for the fatigue of the big city, and if you suffer from a chronic deficiency of this, NIDO has an offer for you. The company has developed the innovative Home'n'Roll, a mobile home for everyone who doesn't want to compromise between living with the clean air of the mountain or the murmur of the sea waves, and the contact with the everyday life in the big city. Buy Home'n'Roll as a gift for yourself and your family, and you will have a minimalistic, but comfort space and everything that you need to bring in one place your happiness from living close to nature. Find your NIDO mobile home at the company's showroom in Sofia, 1 Andrey Lyapchev Blvd, from 25,770 euros (base model), 37,000 euros (mid-range class) or 44,000 euros (premium class).

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The Christmas and New Year's holidays are the time when we are free to concentrate on fulfilling our wishes and on everything that brings us pleasure.

The summer is coming, and with it our excitement increases. Our souls crave the caress of the sun rays and the sea, the light clothes and the journey that we can finally take on. But are our body, face, skin and hair ready as well?
It is often said that a woman’s soul is а complex mystery, difficult to solve, and the moods and de- sires of ladies are changeable, vague, and sometimes deprived of logic. It is true that women are differ- ent and everyone has her own individual longings.
To give or to receive presents? Some people prefer the former, others – the latter, yet others love to do both. What unites them all is that regardless of the occasion, the tradition fills the hearts of everyone involved with joy, happiness and warmth.
Gifts are one of the best ways to say "I love you" to the people we cherish. And the best time to do it, outside of special events in life, are the Christmas and New Year's feasts.
Summer is a special season. It is the only part of the year of which we think about long before it has arrived.
No matter if the winter in question has been mild. The very thought about the coming summer inevitably begins to excite us long before the season's actual beginning. The warmth! The vacation! The planning! The long days and the short nights!
Historians say that gifts are a pillar of human civilisation.
The Christmas and New Year's celebrations in 2020 will be as never before. Unlike other years, this December we will forget about the ease with which we planned trips, meetings with friends, parties and family gatherings. But this should not discourage us.
What do we, women, need to be happy?
They say you cannot buy happiness with money. It is true, in principle... until the moment when we see the shining eyes of our beloved one when they open the carefully packaged gift for a birthday, holiday or St Valentine.