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We live in dynamic times when individual approach and the personalised attitude towards the client are a must for any business that aims at success and long-term development

Violeta Milusheva (left) and Neli Nikolova

In 2008, Neli Nikolova founded Bulgarimmo, a company that opens the Bulgarian real estate market and business opportunities to French clients. Through the years, Bulgarimmo has been dedicated to increasing its clients' profits and optimising their investments, and has become an established partner to French investors in Bulgaria. During its strategic development Neli Nikolova met Violeta Milusheva, who became her partner.

Thanks to their shared motivation and ambition, they built a solid network of professional partnerships with investment specialists in Europe. This partnership has further established Bulgarimmo as a trusted partner in investment in Bulgaria, strengthening the country's image in France as a business destination



Neli Nikolova holds a Master's degree in Law from Université des Sciences Sociales, Toulouse, France. She gained her professional experience in design, construction and management of large investment projects at the French companies Geoxia and Omnium.

Violeta Milusheva is a Master in Law from Université Paris XIII, France, and has over 10 years of experience in management of property assets as a manager in two of France's most prestigious real estate companies, Foncia and Loiselet & Daigremont.

How do you work together as two equal leaders?

NN: We have thought in the same direction since the very beginning of our partnership. We often finish each other's sentences. Still, we have different characters and approaches to clients. This helps our success as we complement each other in different situations. We are not always on the same page, but in discussion we naturally end up with the best solution for our clients.

VM: None of us suffers from a big ego. We both are French educated and trained, which makes us very tolerant and open to others' opinions. We are very disciplined, which we have inherited from our professional experience in France. This makes us goal-oriented and successful.

How is Bulgarimmo different from other investment companies and real estate agencies?

VM: Bulgarimmo stands out with its many additional services which we have created to answer our clients' needs more effectively. To provide a complete and individual approach to our clients, we have to offer the best complex services. Many companies specialise in luxury property, but Bulgarimmo goes beyond that. We offer a personalised and exclusive service that is highly valued by our clients.


NN: I do not think that there is another company that offers to its clients an A to Z service, from purchase of a property, to finishing works and furnishing, to property management and resale for a profit. We fully control and manage the whole process. This builds a huge trust and gives our clients the security that they can rely on us in each stage of their investment. Thanks to our 13-year experience, we have surrounded ourselves with the best professionals in different fields (construction, law, accountancy, design) to provide all of these interconnected services to our clients.

Who are your clients?

NN: For more than 13 years we have developed mutually beneficial connections with international partners. Thanks to our professionalism we successfully built huge trust and personal approach, which are a must of any successful business, and we established Bulgarimmo on the French market as a specialised company for real estate investment in Bulgaria.

VM: Our clients are a diverse lot: individuals, high rank officials in embassies, top managers at international companies. We can help both a young entrepreneur who seeks to diversify their assets and large investors with large-scale operations. We have a detailed knowledge of Bulgaria's environment and property market, which allows us to give the best advice to our clients. The most important thing is to understand their priorities and to offer the best product for them.


Did the Covid-19 pandemic affect your work?

VM: Unlike many companies, we did not switch to home office. On the contrary, for us it was very important to greet our clients in an elegant office in the heart of Sofia. We spent a lot of time searching for the best office, and when we entered the house on 18 Han Krum St we immediately felt that it was our place. We recognised the beauty and potential of the old Sofia house and after a big overhaul and a lot of efforts we created a cosy ambiance full with French chic.

How do you want to develop Bulgarimmo in the future?

NN: The unprecedented Covid-19 situation exacerbated our clients' need to preserve the profitability of their investments and their purchase power. For us it is a challenge to identify and create new products that answer our investors' goals, and to develop them in the future.

We are looking for people to join our team, but we believe that a company's growth should be gradual and consistent in order to be successful and long-term. For over 13 years we have built Bulgarimmo's name and reputation and we have always put first quality, not quantity.

Our clients have to feel special, because we are not intermediaries, but trusted partners who build lasting relationships.

Sofia, 18B Han Krum St

+359 878 29 76 60;

+359 988 92 19 45



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