by Bozhidara Georgieva

When we want a different and comfortable home and office, we choose the advice of the professionals

Blue. Dark, intensive, on the verge of black. PANTONE 273 C, to be precise. I watch it and I wonder – will I ever be bold enough to paint my bedroom this colour, just like the author of a photo I saw on Pinterest.

A difficult question, particularly for a person who loves elegant and practical solutions, but sometimes craves something bold and different. I am not some exception from the rule, on the contrary. Most of people in the developed world feel the same in regard of the spaces they inhabit. Our homes and work places, the hotels where we stay and the restaurants where we dine, the bars where we go with friends and the public buildings where we do administrative or other errands, the museums and galleries where we look at art and artefacts, the stores and malls where we shop – wanting or not, we spend most of our time indoors. This only increases of the role of interiors in our lives.

Comfort and safety are the most important requirements a private or public interior should meet. But they are not the only ones. The interior should create the feel of calm. The colour scheme should be coordinated with the natural and artificial light in the room, and furniture should be placed in a way providing optimal functionality. Materials should be of good quality, allowing easy cleaning. Accessories should be carefully used. The balance between current trends, classical principles and the inhabitants' individualities should be achieved. Otherwise the owners of the home and the guests of the hotel, restaurant, store will have the subconscious feel that they are in the catalogue of some manufacturer.

As evident from my continuing dilemma regarding the suitability of PANTONE 273 C for my bedroom, the people who are able to create their perfect interior by themselves are not many. If we do not feel able to do this task by ourselves – and particularly if we do, but we have zero previous experience, it is better to look for the services of a professional interior designer.

A good interior designer should be able to create new shapes and volumes and to select well colours and textures. Stoyan Pashov from the specialised studio Synergy Design (Sofia, 24A Simeonovsko Shose Blvd, phone: 0889 72 72 31,, FB: Synergy Design) not only believes in this principle, but also applies it in his practice. When he finishes working on a project, the most important reward for his work is the happy feeling for new life and the experience of a new dimension of beauty by his clients. This is where Stoyan Pashov finds a source of neverending inspiration.

Bravery and creativity are two of the key qualities of good designers, especially when the services they offer go beyond the standard. Lazarina Rotarova, founder of atelier UPGRADE (phone: 359 89 436 5997,, Skype: atelier UPGRADE,, is such designer. She offers and has introduced to the market nonstandard, artistic solutions in the field of interior design – author's frescoes, stained glass and drawings on a variety of surfaces, product design of furniture and home accessories, complete transformation of interiors. Аtelier UPGRADE is the place to search for consultation about furnitures after individual design, an impressive piece of art for your home, office, hotel or restaurant, or an intriguing interior accessory, like a clock that works counterclockwise. The imagination and enthusiasm of atelier UPGRADE are limitless. Together with the bravery of experimenting with different styles, materials and colours, they are subjected to one thing – the aim that the finished interior or decoration meets the individual taste of the client. Atelier UPGRADE is based in Burgas but accepts commissions from all over Bulgaria and works with clients abroad as well. This is possible thanks to Lazarina Rotarova's skill to build strong connections with the clients, to put their desires first and to work tirelessly until achieving an impeccable aesthetic and practical result.

Pinterest, Instagram, specialised magazines and hotels, restaurants and homes we have visited are the usual source of information for the current trends in interiors for most of people. The majority of us see those as fashion we choose for our wardrobe. But just as selection of new clothes, shoes and accessory should be coordinated with our body type, character and lifestyle, so the new "clothes" of the interior should fit its peculiarities and our individuality – and this is a very hard task for someone without the required experience. The professional interior designer is the only person who will identify with ease what would be best for the space that we want to transform.

The good interior designer has the talent to "read" the soul of the client and to offer a project that is its most correct reflection – as does Antoaneta Atanasova (Sofia, Vitosha, 19 Angel Karaliychev St, phone: 0878 777 797, The moving power behind AA Interior Design studio has established herself as an artist who successfully implements the ideas of individualism and harmony in interior solutions. Antoaneta Atanasova's projects stand out with their modernist style combined with classical elements in the colours and shapes, together with comfort of inhabitation. One look at an interior created by her and her dedicated, competent team is enough for you to feel tranquility, an atmosphere of delicate artistry – and the inhabitants' individuality. In her work Antoaneta Atanasova partners with established companies and suppliers of materials, furniture and equipment. Thus, combining her artistic insight, skill to see the individuality of the client and practical approach towards the layout and the project's implementation, Antoaneta Atanasova creates homes where it is a true pleasure to return.

Inspiration, the aim to constantly develop and to look for new challenges are the forces that power Nikoleta Vidinova (Sofia, 1 Burel St, phone: +359 888 565 116, in her strive to offer intriguing, contemporary and memorable interior solutions. She has a BA in graphic design from New Bulgarian University and MA in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces from Istituto Europeo di Design, Barcelona and has a 7-year diverse experience in both fields. Nikoleta Vidinova does not like to stay at the same concept for long, repeating it indefinitely. Instead, she believes that different styles educate and enrich her, therefore every project is unique and different from the previous one. At the moment she is focused on investment projects. That is why she offers to her clients a rich portfolio of services crafted to the tiniest detail: design concepts and planning along with technical documentation and supervision, 3D-modelling and visualisation, and for advertising purposes – graphic design and pre-press.

Building trust between designer and client is key for the successful result of the work on an interior. When you look for a professional, you should by all means browse through their portfolio and already realised projects, and if possible – talk with previous clients. During the initial meeting try to find whether communication between the two of you is flawless.

Trust between client and designer is the foundation without which no interior or building project can become a reality – this is the philosophy of Style Build Group (Sofia, Mladost 1, 4A Dr Stoyan Chomakov St, phone: 0878 427 698, The company for overhaul, interior design and implementation has rich experience and knows how to prove to its clients that it puts their desires and interest first. Style Build Group works with clearly defined deadlines, and keeps them. The materials, furniture and equipment used in its projects are by proven manufacturers and retailers. The work process is concentrated in Style Build Group, which guarantees that communication between the different teams is smooth, the deadlines are kept and the final implementation is according to the initial design. To stay sure that the reality of the finished project will mirror your desires and the visualisations, opt for the services of SHE DECOR, interior design studio that is a part of Style Build Group. Thanks to this synergy and the high professionalism of the studio's team, Style Build Group is an excellent solution for your new home, office or commercial space.

The qualities of a professional are evident in their approach towards clients. RIM Design Studio (Sofia, 125 Ovche Pole St, phone: 0876 615 091, is an example of good practice in this respect. The company for complete interior solutions, design, realisation, overhaul and manufacture of furniture is aware that in the modern business world the client sets the rules, requires and chooses. That is why RIM Design Studio has the mission to create pieces of furniture that meet as fully as possible these requirements. The company's specialists understand that everything should be comfortable and cosy to the clients and work with materials of the highest quality, regardless of whether natural wood furniture, beautiful and ergonomic particle board office furniture or cosy MDF home furniture are concerned. The studio's professionals value the time and energy of their clients and keep strictly with the deadlines for production, delivery and installation. Many satisfied corporate clients have trusted RIM Design Studio: Bulstrad Life, Lindner Bulgaria, Bulgaria Mall, Princess Gold, Capital Fort and others.

When a designer applies in their creative process not only their competence, but also their inspiration and passion, the results are impressive – as at Migliore Design (phone: 0886 47 48 00,, Facebook: MiglioreDesign). The interior design studio is a symbiosis of concept project and complex furnishing, and passion is among the moving powers of Migliore Design's professionals. Ambitious, young and in love with their job, they create projects uniting the idea, the realisation and the expectation into a harmonic whole. Their projects for furniture and modules for kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms reveal the unlimited potential of their talent, and the individual solutions for a wide range of interiors impress with their practicality, style and aesthetics. Regardless of whether they are in Bulgaria or abroad, the successfully implemented projects of Migliore Design all share something: each is the best solution possible for its inhabitants.

A large company or a small studio? Deciding which professionals to ask for help with your interior can be determined by many factors. The large company has a bigger expertise and capacity. Boutique ones, however, rely on personal approach, creativity and desire for experiment.

In 2017, fellow students and friends Nina Ilieva and Denitsa Berberska decided to follow the dream of their youth and to create their own interior design studio. Since then, Diferente Design Studio (Sofia, Students Town, 11 Dimitar Stefanov St, Denitsa Berberska: +359 888 668 571, Nina Ilieva: +359 887 302 776, has embodied their desire to create original interiors that reflect the character, desires and individuality of their clients. The boutique studio offers solutions for both private and public interiors. Each creation of the Nina Ilieva and Denitsa Berberska tandem is born after careful study of the client's character, selection of interior design trends that fit it best, and artistic inspiration bringing the unique element of individuality which turns a space into a home with its distinct style, spirit and feel of cosiness.

When you work with a young designer you need to be sure that your partner is a professional with enough experience, vision for current trends and taste for the new – like Marina Ivanova (phone: 0887 785 260, Accumulating both experience and expertise with one of the best designers in Varna, in her own practice Marina Ivanova is powered by her strive for innovation, her knowledge, an established network of suppliers and partners, and, of course, the desires of her clients. She has designed residential as well as retail and public interiors. She knows the best products on the market and the latest trends in style, colours and materials, and she knows how to use these to create solutions that fit the taste and the personal preferences of the clients. All of these make Marina Ivanova a reliable partner to everyone who wants to turn their ideas into a comfortable, modern and individual interior with its own atmosphere.

The good designer is aware that furniture and accessories are far from all that can bring individuality into an interior.

Details are the key for the creation of an individual interior that stays in the memory – and the professionals at studio Cozy. Design (phone: + 359 884 178 692, have turned this into a form of true art. What makes the studio to stand out is the skill to put spatial planning before decoration and to create impressive accents in the interior. Cozy. Design is fluent in the current trend for use of 3D elements of plaster, ceramics, polyurethane, and uses them to create modern, but timeless interiors. Attached on the wall in the living room, the office or the bedroom, used as an accent in spaces such as the bathroom or in furniture, 3D elements create the feel of volume. They change with the play of daylight or the artificial lightning in the room and bring in the interior elegance and style, regardless of whether they are in a provocative colour or blend with their environment for more subtle effect. Cozy. Design offers the full range of services connected to the transformation of an interior – design, author's supervision, overhaul, design, manufacture and assembly of furniture and ceilings, project management.

Selection of the most suitable pieces of furniture for the interior can hardly be overestimated – they have to provide the needed comfort, but also to bring joy to the eyes and to not appear aged, worn out and irrelevant after a couple of years.

The Italian tradition in furniture design is among the most respected in the world, and deservedly so. When Italian furniture and interior design are concerned, concepts like quality, elegance and modern exquisiteness are not empty words, but a charming reality. We find it at the new showroom of Nido Furniture Stores (Sofia, 120 Cherni Vrah Blvd,, FB: nidobg,, There are exhibited the latest offers by two Italian brands that are synonyms of quality and beauty. The LUBE kitchens open limitless opportunities to shape this important space at home. Modern and elegant, in a variety of colours, materials, doos, handles, shelfs and worktops, they allow us to create our dream space not only for cooking and eating, but also for meeting friends, having fun with the family and relaxation. Creativity is the keyword for the development of the Novamobili wardrobes, shelves and furniture – creativity in the skill to use all available space without sacrificing quality of life and aesthetics. Novamobili furniture provides us with the space we need for seasonal clothes, books and all other items that we need but that we do not have to see or use every day. In short, if you want to change your home and make it more comfortable, a visit to new Nido's store is a must.

What are the most important rooms in a home? Whatever your personal preferences are, one has to admit that no home is finished without the bathroom and the kitchen. Interior designer Daniela Kostova (Sofia, 229 Botevgradsko Shose Blvd, phone: +359 888 985 526,, offers solutions to all matters regarding creation of modern, comfortable, individual kitchens and bathrooms in a variety of classical and trendy styles. Clients who prefer her competent help can rely on unique, practical and modern solutions not only for bathrooms and kitchens, but also complete interiors.

The living room and the bedroom cannot be described as cosy or comfortable if they lack soft furniture that is of quality, beautiful and invites for relaxation. The solutions of the Romanian company MobilaDalin are already on the Bulgarian market with stores in Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Ruse and Plovdiv ( The sofas, chairs and beds by MobilaDalin combine the aim for technical perfection with the desire for innovation. Each product of the family company is created with the thought of the comfort of the person who is going to use it, but also for their attractive design that is simultaneously current and immune to the changes of fashion. Some of the collections are influenced by the style of traditional Romanian furniture, while others follow the current international trends. The MobilaDalin furniture is offered in a variety of materials, textures and colours, which makes them the perfect solution for anyone who wants a unique and individual interior. Finish your renovated space with an elegant carpet of natural wool from the MobilaDalin collection.

When the perfect home for you means a place that is like from a fairly tale, you need Kristiano Brussardi (Sofia, 86A Bulgaria Blvd, phone:089 687 1704,, Facebook: SHOWROOM.KRISTIANO.BRUSSARDI), a salon for luxury classical and Baroque furniture. Memorable details, splendid damasks, gilt and rich ornamentation, accessories and paintings: the offers at Kristiano Brussardi turn the home into a space of high class and modern comfort. The furniture is unique, of massive wood and high-quality MDF, and transforms each room. The delicate console tables bring elegance in the vestibule and impress the visitor as soon as they enter your home. The classical sofas for living rooms combine luxury and comfort, and the hand-painted cabinets and the sets for dining room create atmosphere of aristocratic exquisiteness. In lavish Baroque or in frivolous Rococo style, the bedroom furniture makes you feel as a royalty. As a complete interior solution or as a memorable accessory, Kristiano Brussardi's offers unfailingly impress the visitor and bring the home's inhabitants the feel of cosiness, luxury and uniqueness.

Custom-made furniture is one of the ways for us to be sure that our home stands out with its own appearance, style and atmosphere. When we look for a table that embodies the notions of beauty, uniqueness and practicality, KV Design (Sofia, 41 Shipka St, phone: +359 885 207 568, is among the first names that come to mind. The studio produces custom-made coffee, dining and side tables from high-quality materials, and each element of them is made by hand for hours. With the help of epoxy resin they recreate in a table the beauty of massive wood, while preserving its shape and character. This approach opens a world of new opportunities for creation of furniture that is truly one of its kind.

We all love returning home and want its interior to be impeccable, but we often forget the tiny detail that most of our active time is spent in the office. Unfortunately, too many companies are still into the already compromised concept for large open shared spaces defined by lack of personal space and the noise of other peoples' conversations.

When the office is designed by Helen Koss Interiors studio (Sofia, 47 Zlatovrah St, phone: +359 888 234 120, you can be sure that the space will be friendly, inspiring and functional. In short, Helen Koss Interiors creates workspaces where the employees feel like individuals and not like cogs in the corporate mechanism. The studio's professionals know how to create offices that inspire creative thinking and boost productivity. They achieve this by applying their concept for Data Driven Design, with the special attention they pay to noise reduction and with their flexibility when searching for solutions. Thanks to their expertise the offices transform into pleasant and comfortable spaces with their own individuality, where work becomes pleasure and fun.


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