We, Bulgarians, usually identify ourselves as such with the "I am a Bulgarian Youth" poem by Ivan Vazov. Later on, unless you go on to become a member of a nationalist party, you don't feel any particular need to remind…
Michael Zaimov's underwater macrophotography is about meeting the unexpected in the Black Sea
Bulgarian capital sits on the cusp between failed Communism and troubled democracy
As news about asylum-seekers trying to enter the EU continues to be hot throughout Europe, the UnBulgarians exhibition has concluded its peregrinations around Bulgaria. The project showcases the personal stories of foreigners living in the country.
Depending on whom you talk to, the Bulgarian capital was either a lot better or a lot worse place to be in at the height of the Cold War. Sofia was an intelligence hub where operatives from "fraternal" nations mainly…
Yambol photographer Toti Badzhakov was awarded the Vagabond Special Prize at the 10th exhibition of photography of mummers in 2014. This year's 11th salon will open in the Yambol City Gallery in March, 2015.
International contest fights stereotypes with cartoons
I don’t quite remember when I started being interested in photography. I guess I owe my father a lot for my photography enthusiasm.
Shooting Bulgaria with late 1960s camera provides telling photographs of landscapes, people
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