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TOTI BADZHAKOV © Toti Badzhakov

Yambol photographer Toti Badzhakov was awarded the Vagabond Special Prize at the 10th exhibition of photography of mummers in 2014. This year's 11th salon will open in the Yambol City Gallery in March, 2015.

toti badzhakovBorn in 1986 and still looking for his true self, Yambol photographer Toti Badzhakov is young and healthy. Everyone may be young and healthy, but then everyone can fall ill, which is what happened to Toti last year when he had to spend a week laid up in hospital.

There, he found a new subject for his photography, the atmosphere of Bulgarian hospitals outside the capital Sofia – a subject rarely if ever touched upon by Bulgarian photographers.

Every cloud has a silver lining, as the saying goes. In contrast to his other photographs, the Hospital series is Toti's own through which he lived, was sick, and survived to come back to. We wish him many returns to the Yambol hospital but only as a photographer, not a patient.

The photographs in this portfolio speak for themselves. There is no need for interpretation or philosophising. This is Bulgaria. This is the Bulgaria we live in. All photographs of it can be truly beautiful if you know how and when to push the trigger.


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