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Sezen Anefi, Co-Founder and CEO, and his team offer companies the services they need when they need them

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Sezen Anefi, Co-Founder and CEO of Diamatix

Cybersecurity concerns all companies, but the ones who succeed in protecting their sensitive and important data are those who partner with visionary professionals that are fluent in both the technology and the changes in trends, and the peculiarities of the local corporate culture. They will find this valuable combination of competencies at Diamatix. Founded in 2017 in Bulgaria, the company is powered by the ambition to offer some of the best tailored cybersecurity solutions on the market.

For a local company to aim this high – and to deliver sustainable results, is a big achievement. This is the reason to talk to one of Diamatix's co-founders and CEO, Sezen Anefi. He has an MBA from the University of Cumbria and has over 19 years of experience in the IT and Telco business. Before he founded Diamatix, he worked on large and complex ICT international projects in countries such as Greece, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Russia.

What inspired you to found your own cybersecurity company?

In the past 20 years cybersecurity transformed slowly but steadily from yet another technology created to help businesses to a key factor for boosting their competitiveness on the global markets. With other words, if until recently a public or private organisation could allow itself to neglect its cybersecurity, in the context of the past few years this topic spread beyond the scope of the IT department and became a priority of public and organisational interest.

Our understanding of the importance and the broadening horizon of these processes' national and global level, the perspective we recognise in cybersecurity and, last but not least, our desire to be on the side of protecting the public from cybercrime, inspired us to found Diamatix.

What are the advantages of a local cybersecurity company when compared to the global giants on the market?

A crucial factor that the technology sector tends to overlook are the intercultural differences and the understanding of the starting point in an organisation's digital transformation. We, at Diamatix, understand well that certain solutions and approaches will work in a German company, for example, but that they will hardly be efficient in a Bulgarian company. Our solutions and approach are based on global industry best practices, while at the same time we focus on practical and comprehensible success built on in-depth understanding of each client's technological and organisational context. The capability to pay attention to the tiniest detail and the client's unique situation, the flexible decisionmaking process and priorities, and the informal communication intrinsic for small companies are something that the giants on the market do not do well. There lies our strength.

How can Diamatix help companies meet the EU's current cybersecurity requirements?

We closely follow the global cybersecurity trends – both in their technological and regulatory aspects. Our goal is not to provide a company's security only here and now. We seek the effect of an organisation's long-term transformation seen through the eyes of cybersecurity. It should properly position the company in the global context of intensifying cybersecurity activity, but also of growing pressure on the supply chain that requires an equally high level of cybersecurity in all units and teams. It is our in-depth contact with our clients' organisations, the EU's regulatory requirements and our internal ones that allows us to evaluate the extent to which we can help organisations to cover the relevant cybersecurity criteria and requirements.

Which companies should pay attention to the regulations of the US government as well?

Thanks to the globalisation of supply chains, regulations now transcend the national borders and have become internationally important. To put it succinctly, your company might be based in Bulgaria, but if your supply chain links you even remotely with another country's regulations, there is a high probability that they will affect your organisation, too. This has to be considered by all export oriented businesses depending on the particular business vertical. In the next two years we expect the imposition of a serious number of cybersecurity regulations globally. Undoubtedly, they will have to be reflected in the businesses' priorities.

What solutions in this aspect does Diamatix offer?

Diamatix aims at a holistic approach towards cybersecurity in the three main dimensions: processes, technological solutions and employees. Our solutions are based on leading cybersecurity vendors and on our 20+ years of experience in providing businesses with technological solutions. As a MSSP (managed service security provider), Diamatix strives to apply the best practices in managing its solutions as services in order to be as close as possible to its clients – who for us feel more like partners. We avoid the approach of the typical system integrator that sells solutions without offering the relevant and needed services for them. We strive to offer solutions that can be managed, monitored and maintained by us, all of this as a service for our clients, while keeping up with all best practices of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which are integrated in our own Diamatix SOC centre.

Kavarna, 57 Bulgaria St, City Centre

+359 875 328 030 



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