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Glowing skin, young face, shiny hair, impeccable makeup and manicure demonstrate that one is self-confident and has the highest standards in life. We find all of these, and much more, at the exclusive Beauty Center Elmida Beauty

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The studio's refined, stylish ambience reflects the quality of the services on offer, the personal attention and the specialists' high professionalism.

Laser epilation

Elmida Beauty uses a new generation of diode laser platform Elysion-pro. It is equally good for men and women, all body parts, hair types and skin tones, and uses USP (ultra short pulse) to achieve visible and quick effect regardless of the season.

laser epilation

Facial care

Mesotherapy, RF lifting, line filling, micropilling and many more – the professionals at Elmida Beauty offer a range of therapies that preserve youth and beauty and bring us happiness and self-confidence.


The nice hairstyle is impossible without healthy hair. At Elmida Beauty we have both: top coiffeur services combined with top class cosmetics by KEUNE and LK.

hair care

Professional makeup

Expressive eyes reveal the individuality, win the hearts and bring in some needed mysteriousness. Elmida Beauty helps us to have these regardless of the occasion.

elmida beauty

Manicure and pedicure

A wide range of colours and delicate care for impeccably maintained hands and feet that show style, individuality, elegance.

elmida beauty

Taking care for our looks is not a matter of vanity, but of respect towards ourselves and the others. The mission can be achieved only with the help of experienced professionals fluent in the latest trends in the field, who use the best equipment and products, and have the talent to choose the right procedures and therapies for our specific needs. We find this all at Elmida Beauty Center. Its manager, Milena Petrova, shares more.

What should we know about laser epilation and what effect can we expect?

Laser epilation is the most modern and effective method for hair removal and for having smooth skin. Elmida Beauty works with technology by Cocoon Medical, an established Spanish manufacturer, for guaranteed and pain-free effect for each skin type, even in the summer.

Milena Petrova

Milena Petrova

Depending on the type of the skin and the hair, 6-10 procedures are enough to remove 90-93% of unwanted hair. Sometimes single maintenance procedures are needed once a year. The professionals at Elmida Beauty were trained by Cocoon Medical, a warranty for reliability and quality. We always keep the client informed about each step of the procedure and the expected effect.

elmida beauty

In the year of protective masks what are the main makeup trends?

When wearing a mask the focus should be on the eyes. Each woman should accentuate on her shine and the professional makeup artist is the one able to achieve it. Women under 30 have firm and fresh skin around the eyes, some eyeshadows and mascara are enough for an amazing effect. For women over 30 it is better to start with a couple of hydrating therapies before makeup application and putting a corrector under the eye. Permanent brows are also an excellent idea.

elmida beauty

What is the complete hair care offered by Elmida Beauty?

At Elmida Beauty we offer not just hairstyling, but complete hair care! Getting a nice haircut is not enough for the hair to look good. The hair and the scalp also need suitable care products. Contemporary colouring products are enriched with proteins and minerals, but they should always be combined with nourishing treatment. This is the only way to have gorgeous and healthy hair.

elmida beauty

How should we take care of our facial skin in 2021? What are your most interesting treatments?

We, at Elmida Beauty, rely on proven methods. Our cosmetic therapies are many and diverse (basic, specific and medical ones), but the most important thing is to teach our clients patience and persistence in face care.

elmida beauty

We want them to leave Elmida Beauty feeling beautiful, satisfied and happy, convinced that they have spent their money well. We use an individual approach to each client's needs and problems. We always start with cleansing and we build on this with different treatments. Mesotherapy is a great procedure that nourishes the skin from the inside while RF stimulates collagen from the outside.

What new products and services have you prepared for your clients in 2021?

An even more diverse palette of services and new equipment for body care. We rely on the products of top manufacturers to be sure in the result. This is our core strategy: to provide more, because we are our clients' partners in their project of becoming more beautiful.

Sofia, 11 Lavele St

0889 219 239




elmida beautyelmida beautyelmida beauty


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