At the beginning of the 1990s, when Bulgarian Communism had collapsed and the nation was gripped with pro-democracy fervour, Todor Kolev, this country's perhaps best known comedian actor, put out a song that instantly became a major hit. Loosely picking…
President's refusal to appoint a caretaker government hurls nation into prolonged political crisis
Intricacies of Bulgarian Election Code jeopardise presidential election
Presidential election looms on horizon, yet there is no one standing
Proverbs and sayings are the experience of generations distilled by time until they become pure wisdom offering guidance in life. They also reflect the particular values of the community that has created them.Bulgarians are no exception.
Acceptance, equality for LGBTI people yet to happen
Spectacular arrests of doctors fail to end in convictions, but divert public attention from much more important issues
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Parliament adopts law to streamline Bulgarian days off

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