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A Guide to Communist Bulgaria

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Free Speech International
ISBN-10: 6199031954 ISBN-13: 978-6199031957
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English, Bulgarian
February 2018
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This three-volume book researches comprehensively the architectural, artistic and material heritage of the People's Republic of Bulgaria through a rich visual presentation put in context. Volume One includes the must-visit locations for anyone with an interest in the triumphs and failures of Bulgaria's recent past: from Buzludzha and Dimitrovgrad to Stalinist Sofia and the monuments of the Northwest. Volume Two surveys the most remarkable and the oddest monuments and public art samples of the Communist era: from the images of Partizani and the Soviet soldiers to the ordinary working people. Volume Three explores the traces left over by the Communist regime in Bulgaria: from the abandoned military barracks and cinema theatres to the failed megaprojects and the nostalgia for the idealised Socialist past and its funny street signs.


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