Pope Francis, who visited overwhelmingly Orthodox Bulgaria, was "liked" by some people identifying themselves as being "pro-Western" "rightwing" "intellectuals" and, infamously, snubbed by the Orthodox Church whose senior clergy refused to participate in a joint prayer with the head of…
"Multiculturalism is a disease that should be eradicated." Carlos Contrera, an EMP candidate for VMRO
Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians?  Take our test to doublecheck
In the wake of Apartment-gate, the fire at Notre-Dame in Paris and the sacks of pure Latin American cocaine getting washed up at the northern Bulgarian Black Sea shores, Bulgarians have manifested no lack of their inimitable, often bitter-sweet sense…
"The apartment scandal started as a Kompromat attack against Mr Tsvetanov and mutated into a hysterical mudfight." Krasen Kralev, Minister of Youth and Sport
Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck
Aficionados of ancient Bulgarian history are probably well-familiar with the Thracians, the pre-Christian tribes that inhabited these lands and that went on to become a constituent ethnicity of the first Bulgarian state.
One agency of the state that without any doubt has improved its functions under Boyko Borisov is Bulgaria's Inland Revenue service. Agents are now being sent, sometimes clandestinely, to make probes into anyone's financial activities – for years back. At…
"Our institutions can spin even the Ten Commandments. I think we are on the way to autocracy." Lozan Panov, chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation
Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians?  Take our test to doublecheck
This mountain range is perhaps Bulgaria's most beautiful. It is to be visited time and again, through all seasons – though spring, when all trees and flowers are in full blossom, may be the most enchanting.
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Over 500 representatives of the Bulgarian NGO sector, entrepreneurs and diplomats attended the annual meeting of the America for Bulgaria Foundation with its grantees in Sofia, on 30 January. Everyday...

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US ambassador on security cooperation, Black Sea in summer and sad Bulgarian grandparents

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