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Who is this man? Who is this man? © Anthony Georgieff

Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck

1. Which Bulgarian city is vying to enter the Guinness Book of World Records with the biggest martenitsa in the world?
A. Silistra
B. Vidin
C. Haskovo

2. What percentage of top managers in Bulgaria are women?
A. 30 percent
B. 50 percent
C. 5 percent

3. The most economically underdeveloped region in Bulgaria is…
A.The northeast
B. The northwest
C. The southwest

4. Where in Bulgaria is the Wondrous Bridges nature phenomenon?
A. Near Veliko Tarnovo
B. In the Rhodope
C. On the Black Sea coast

5. Bulgarian women never leave their handbags on the floor, because…
A. They will get dirty
B. They will be stolen
C. It will bring lack of money

6. In traditional Bulgarian culture, Lazarus Saturday is the feast of...
A. Young unmarried women
B. Elderly women
C. Young unmarried boys

7. The statue of which 19th Century European royalty is in front of the Bulgarian Parliament?
A. Queen Victoria
B. Kaiser Wilhelm II
C. Alexander II of Russia

8. Which Bulgarian city is famed for producing jam of roses?
A. Sliven
B. Kazanlak
C. Radomir

9. The Bulgarian 1980s computer, a rip-off of Apple, was called…
A. Pobeda
B. Pioner
C. Pravets

Check the correct answers on next page

1. – B; 2. – A; 3. – B; 4. – B; 5. – C; 6. – A; 7. – C; 8. – B; 9. – C.

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