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Sofia Airport Terminal X? Sofia Airport Terminal X? © Anthony Georgieff

Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck

1. Which major river flows by Sofia?

A. The Danube

B. The Struma

C. The Iskar


2. What is the Bulgarian traditional food for Christmas Eve?

A. Beans

B. Roast lamb

C. Stuffed carp


3. Where is the Buzludzha House and Memorial of the Bulgarian Communist Party?

A. In Central Plovdiv

B. In the Stara Planina

C. On Kaliakra Cape


4. Which Bulgarian ruler repelled an Arab conquest in the Balkans in the 8th century?

A. King Simeon I

B. Khan Tervel

C. King Boris III


5. Football was introduced to Bulgaria by a Swiss athlete in...

A. 1894

B. 1944

C. 1934


6. How many terminals does Sofia Airport have?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three


7. In 2019, which extinct animal species was reintroduced in the Rhodope?

A. European bison

B. Brown bear

C. Wild cat


8. How many letters are there in the Bulgarian alphabet?

A. 26

B. 28

C. 30


9. Bulgarian Kristalina Georgieva became the head of...

A. The International Monetary Fund

B. The United Nations

C. The European Commission


The correct answers to the questions:

1. – C; 2. – A; 3. – B; 4. – B; 5. – A; 6. – B; 7. – A; 8. – C; 9. – A.

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