Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev went to Blagoevgrad to inaugurate the renovated road to Bodrost. There he said: "For three years our government has built more roads than were built during the previous 20. Since we stepped into office we built…
Last year in France I got off at Robespierre Station, a beautiful 19th Century building in the middle of Provence. I walked down the road and ended up in the Georges Danton Square. Diagonally opposed to each other was the…
When explosions shook Sofia on that 3 July morning, the stench of gunpowder filled the city and for hours no one knew what was exploding, where it was exploding and how long it would be exploding for. What we learnt…
Nobody has ever built a statue of a critic – or of a factory owner – who doesn't pay his workers on time.
What happens if you give someone you know is fairly corruptible the power to impose fines on you over matters that are left to their own judgement? Not a very clever way to fight corruption, you would have thought, but…
If it were on 1 April that the 24 Chasa carried the news that George W.
“Was President Georgi Parvanov at the DiMario Hotel in the Simitli Region on 1 March?” “The president was not at the hotel. Someone is trying to make himself look good at someone else's expense.”
The Defence Ministry may have violated the Classified Information Act by digging out some Second World War Soviet T-34 tanks and German Nazi panzers and putting them for “safekeeping” in an open-air military compound near Yambol.
“The Thracian Spirit – An Exceptional Bulgarian Destination” sounds like a road sign from somewhere deep in the sticks, leading to a minor hollow in a remote cliff, labelled as an “ancient sanctuary”.
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Hristo Botev neighbourhood risks becoming ghetto next to Sofia Airport

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