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"No, I haven’t slept with the prime minister," Apostol Apostolov, the mayor of Simitli, in southwestern Bulgaria, has stated. He was speaking in response to a friendly shout by Metodi Bachev, an entrepreneur in the road construction business, whose company, Agromax, is known for rarely failing to win a public bid as long as the GERB are in power. Since 2014 alone it has won 293 million leva in contracts.

Having had a few drinks at a party in the nearby village of Chercniche, Bachev shrieked: "Hey, d’you know that the mayor of Simitli has f*cked Boyko Borisov!"

The exchange was videoed and became a hit on the social networks. When he got sober Bachev said he was going to sue whoever had distributed the footage.

Bulgarians are usually quite sparing when it comes to those in power for fear of repercussions, but when they are given the chance to laugh, they can be quite ruthless.

Some picked up on a song made up by Blagoevgrad football fans who use it unabashedly when their team plays Simitli. Its most important part is the refrain which uses the adage "S*ck my d*ck" in as many as 4,000 permutations.

Nenovinite, or thenonews, an Internet site dedicated to making up stories that sometimes reflect the absurdities of life in GERB’s Bulgaria better than the mainstream media, showed screenshots of a mobile phone display with text messages to "Sexy Boyko." Most of those are impossible to translate and if they weren’t, they would be unfit to print, but they do concern a Boyko, Erdogan and Angela Merkel.

The police, however, did not manifest much of a sense of humour. The Blagoevgrad cops arrested both Metodi Bachev, the impudent entrepreneur, and Ivan Hambardzhiyski, the owner of the local Internet site that originally carried the video. Both were held for at least half day and made to write explanations about alleged "hooliganism."

This happened a couple of days after the former footballer, Hristo Stoytchkov, who is perhaps the best known Bulgarian internationally, attacked a newspaper photographer and a driver for taking pictures at his daughter’s wedding. The driver sustained injuries. A couple of traffic police did appear at the scene. They tried to calm Stoytchkov down, but reportedly were not "successful." At the time of going to press, Stoytchkov had not been interrogated yet.

However, sensing the ridiculousness of the police getting involved in the Who-F*cked-Boyko episode, Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova fired the local police chief in Blagoevgrad.

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