I want to drop this quick note to tell you that by accident I found Vagabond No. 61-62 in my dentist office and started to read. I think it is just incredibly good and I want to congratulate you for…
Dear Vagabond*It is very difficult for me to withhold my emotions regarding your latest book, A Guide to Ottoman Bulgaria. This is why I turn directly to the publisher as well as to Mrs Filipova, the editorial director.
I am very interested in the heroic act of rescuing Bulgaria's Jews from the Holocaust, and as a Bulgarian I am very proud of it.
I am a dual British-Bulgarian citizen and I was recently denied a Russian visa on my British passport. I had applied through a tourist agency and they did not understand the reasons for the denial either.
I am a teacher at the American College of Sofia. I am, along with many of the other international teachers at ACS, a big fan of your publication.
Regina D'Amico is the lucky winner from our Where in Bulgaria Are You? quiz for this issue and she gets to enjoy a weekend for two at the Medite Spa Hotel in Sandanski. She wrote to tell us in detail…
My partner and I had just been to the UK visiting family and friends. It was nice to arrive back, we had a good flight, and had decided to use the coach to take us back to Veliko Tarnovo, as…
What could be more vulgar than the blockbuster mass-culture mediocrity relentlessly churned out by the Hollywood machine these days? The behavior of its so-called Talent.Case in point: Robert Downey Jr.
AS A FOREIGNER finding myself in Sofia with my wife and two small children, I wanted to share with your readers some of the joys of looking for a home-help/nanny.
Some weeks ago I subscribed to Vagabond, which started arriving promptly. I take the magazine because it provides some mental nourishment, reliable information and something resembling culture in a country where patriotic-nationalist stubbornness seems remarkable.
I read with astonishment the answers of the foreigners living in Bulgaria and openly confessing to having bribed policemen (Vagabond Vox Pop No. 33).
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One of Bulgaria's top intellectuals, Georgi Lozanov, is a familiar face to Vagabond readers. A philosopher and a media expert with many years as a leading member of the National...

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