Susannah Mitchell wrote to us after reading Red Tape Unwound (on car pounding) in our June issue to tell us that she had been able to leave her vehicle in Bulgaria without car pounding and without fees.
My wife and I had a first-time experience of your beautiful country when we were staying in Varna. We loved your country, your history, tradition and culture and we shall be visiting Bulgaria again in September.
I am an Englishman who has been dealing in Bulgarian real estate since September 2004. I moved here permanently in May 2005 and last January I moved my operation from my home to commercial premises. I located a new building…
I have been trying to activate the roaming service for my MTel mobile phone number. However I have been told by them that I have to give them a deposit of 500 leva because I am a foreigner. Bulgarian nationals…
A friend said to me recently that your magazine is so cool that the cover page should announce: “The name's Bond. Vaga-bond.”
A single checkpoint open and all other 12 closed, a queue of over 50 cars, no lights and no information whatsoever about what was going on: this is how Bulgaria, the new EU member, welcomed the people who wanted to…
Every significant change in Bulgarian history, of which accession to the EU ranks amongst the grandest, has been marked by changes in the lyrics of the national anthem.
The magazine is great! I wish it had been around five years ago when I first arrived in Bulgaria. I have read your request for stories about the police.
Since visiting Bulgaria last year I've been an avid reader of any news item that makes it into the British press.However, these mostly concern quirky millionaires trying to buy up a Bulgarian village, a few paragraphs about the impenetrable politics…
Since visiting Bulgaria last year I've been an avid reader of any news item that makes it into the British press.
Your magazine is much more political, witty and informative than I expected. Congratulations!Michael Ernst Anton Geier, German Ambassador
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