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Comments referring to Stephane Moisset's interview

Great interview that will anger many Bulgarians. I would just add that the building in the background of the picture (the former Communist Party House) has the old Communist coat of arms with the sickle and hammer, partially destroyed in the dawn of democracy. Go 300 metres in the direction of the National Gallery (the former King's palace) and you will see the old Bulgarian coat of arms (quite the same as the one used today), partially destroyed by the Communists. Bulgaria is a country in a deep search of identity... and in a deep search of its geopolitical orientation. Moscow would not allow it to become a real European country (and here I am not talking about art, culture, music, literature, humanity etc. because that would question Russia as a European country, which it is in those respects), and Europe does not quite recognise it as truly "European." That is the paradox why the country is divided in so many ways... And the ordinary people want one simple thing, to live decently, to raise their children in peace and to maintain dignity in the twilight of their lives. There is a full disconnect between Bulgarian politics and EU policies, and Bulgarians become desperate and disappointed with the "EU values," not quite well explained by politicians... This unfortunately gives feeding ground to the nationalist phenomenon and a sway towards the masters from Moscow.
Nikolay Marev, Sofia

I personally know people (of African origins) living in Brussels (a French-speaking city) who also throw their garbage in the streets. And their houses are located approximately 1-2 kilometres from Place Schumann where the main EU buildings are located. I don't quite believe somebody would generalise that Belgian people throw their garbage from their windows only because of these people. Anyway, my main point of view is that the Bulgarian cities are poorer than the average European city but the overall value given by the price-service-security-roads is actually not bad at all. And I'm traveling a lot across Europe last eight years. The main disadvantage of the Bulgarians is not the Ministry of Culture but rather the very low level of self-esteem they have. And this is not the case with the French people. I’m sure every average European knows what I mean…
Alexander Androv

Bulgaria's civil society fights the battle for democracy that may be coming to bigger and wealthier countries so, wish the brave Bulgaria luck и #оставка
Svetla Borovska

I couldn't agree more with this interview! Good to know there're foreigners who share my view on Bulgaria and are not afraid to say it.
Alina Ewiak Arshinkova, Poland

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