"If they wanted my business, they could just say so. I would stop doing business."  Multimillionaire Vasil Bozhkov, now a crime suspect
"When I retire from being a prime minister, I will start a website and will become a top investigative journalist." Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on Bulgarian media freedoms
"The state apparatus was converted into an elections-winning machine." Mustafa Karadaya, leader of the Movement of Freedom and Rights, or DPS
"When a political party has a problem, it brings it to the chief prosecutor - and boasts about it. We see him as a referee." Prime Minister Boyko Borisov
"We are the victims of a crime that goes beyond ordinary hacking. The CIA boss did not resign after WikiLeaks, did he?" Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov on why he did not resign after the hacking of National Revenue Agency data
"If the National Revenue agency did not offer e-services, there would be no personal data leaks." Vladislav Goranov, Finance Minister
"With the future F-16s we will protect North Macedonia as well, as they are slow to make turns." Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on the purchase of new fighter jets
"Multiculturalism is a disease that should be eradicated." Carlos Contrera, an EMP candidate for VMRO
"The apartment scandal started as a Kompromat attack against Mr Tsvetanov and mutated into a hysterical mudfight." Krasen Kralev, Minister of Youth and Sport
"Our institutions can spin even the Ten Commandments. I think we are on the way to autocracy." Lozan Panov, chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation
"People just think that there is corruption."  Rumyana Bachvarova, the chief of the Office of the Prime Minister
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