"I envy my colleague. Two or three years ago they had 3,000 prisoners. Now they have 24,000. That means their judiciary are highly effective."Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov to his Georgian colleague Vano Merabishvili
"You see that terrorist attacks are not spared to any country. We count on our balanced foreign policy and the fact that we are in close friendly relations with the Arab world and Palestine. The Arab world does business with…
"I went to the circus recently. A seal was trained to play with a ball and swing a ring around its head. Is it so difficult for those who do not know the right way in life to just find…
"Bulgarian media are already grown-up kids: they won't allow anyone to spank them on their bottoms and tell them what to do."Advertising boss Krasimir Gergov, who recently admitted he broke previous legislation by covertly owning a part of bTV
"This is not a hospital everyone is obliged to go into. Ultimately, public houses are not something people cannot live without."Luchezar Ivanov, an MP for GERB
"In times of crisis, it is normal for the state to act like Robin Hood: take from the rich and give to the poor."Slavi Binev, MEP from the nationalist Ataka party
"The offenders can't complain about their detention. We take care of them; they are warm and fed regularly."Sofia City Prosecutor Nikolay Kokinov on the living conditions of the detainees in The Impudent operation
I will offer myself to the theatres for a small fee so that they can use me as a gauge of whether a play is boring or not. If I don't feel like sleeping, this means the play is very…
"The fact that you get out of bed does not mean you have woken up." Issue 38, November 2009
"The idea of removing the flat rate income tax is not just ill-considered; it is downright stupid."Finance Minister Simeon Djankov on President Georgi Parvanov's suggestion that the flat tax rate be scrapped
"I began from below zero. Nobody can take this away from me. I was watching from the parliament balcony today and I realised how much I have done alone. Alone. A whole party. A huge apparatus. I hope I will…
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Over 500 representatives of the Bulgarian NGO sector, entrepreneurs and diplomats attended the annual meeting of the America for Bulgaria Foundation with its grantees in Sofia, on 30 January. Everyday...

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