You are inside a major Medieval fort on a hill that many Bulgarians consider a national treasure as it suggest a glorious past. In fact, the fort was built from scratch in the 1930s. On top of the hill there…
Bulgaria is probably not your idea of a place where New Ageism proliferates. Wrong. Esoteric beliefs, faiths and even churches have existed since the dawn of Christianity in these lands, amalgamating – sometimes overwhelmingly – The Bible, The Quran and…
Located in northwestern Bulgaria, this major cave is one of Bulgaria's largest. A 2.5-kilometre walk through its numerous galleries will reward with all the usual subterranean attractions such as multicoloured stalactites, stalagmites, underground waters, stone galleries big and small, and…
One of the most mysterious places in Bulgaria is in the Strandzha. Because of its proximity to Turkey, this major archaeological site has been closed off to the public for decades and has only recently begun to attract a trickle…
As you drive through a rather uninspiring section of the Danubian Plain, known mainly for its extreme summer and winter temperatures, you suddenly see a church spire jotting up on the horizon. Church spires are untypical for Orthodoxy, so your…
Situated in the extreme south of the Rhodope, this magnificent building, the only one of its kind remaining in today's Bulgaria, is a gem of an amalgamation between mainstream Ottoman architecture and local building traditions.
Nestled in the Central Balkan Mountain, this small town had its heyday in the 19th century Revival Period when it was an important trading and educational centre.
One of the best preserved Bulgarian National Revival Period towns has plenty of 19th century mansion-type houses, a couple of churches, many hotels and homestay opportunities, and a plethora of restaurants serving what they in varying degrees tag traditional fare.…
Situated right in the geographical centre of Bulgaria, this is an area that abounds in archaeological finds.
You are in the middle of large European city. In front of you is a huge gold-domed church bearing the name of a Russian saint. Behind you is an equestrian statue of a Russian tsar.
One of Europe's oldest inhabited cities is situated in southern Bulgaria. It has many faces reflecting its sometimes turbulent history: Thracian, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and so on.
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