Aficionados of ancient Bulgarian history are probably well-familiar with the Thracians, the pre-Christian tribes that inhabited these lands and that went on to become a constituent ethnicity of the first Bulgarian state.
This mountain range is perhaps Bulgaria's most beautiful. It is to be visited time and again, through all seasons – though spring, when all trees and flowers are in full blossom, may be the most enchanting.
Those with knowledge of the off-the-beaten-track areas in Bulgaria will know that this country abounds in strange, bizarre sites and locations that are sometimes whims of nature but often the result of human activity.
Situated on the northern slopes of the Stara Planina, or Balkan Mountains, this small town was a major Revival period centre where the arts and crafts flourished. A number of important Bulgarian poets, revolutionaries and entrepreneurs were born there, and…
Arguably Bulgaria's most beautiful bridge, this 16th century construction spans the River Arda in the midst of a pristine section of the Rhodope, in southern Bulgaria.
Bulgaria has many natural, historical and cultural sites of interest for the inquisitive traveller, but one aspect of it has remained largely unknown to both outsiders and the locals. It is its sometimes overwhelming legacy of Communist and pre-Communist era…
To reach this major Stara Planina, mostly known as the Balkan Mountains, peak you have to do a strenuous drive along a steep road with many hairpin turns, each revealing stupendous views both south and north of what has for…
You drive through nondescript villages populated mainly by ethnic Turks, past animal farms that stink of dung and mosques whose minarets stick up into the sky, until a turn of the road takes you directly opposite a site that suggests…
Situated on the Rhodope's westernmost slope and overlooking the River Mesta Valley, this settlement has been dubbed one of Bulgaria's most romantic villages.
Perched on a hill right on the Bulgarian-Turkish border this 18-meter-tall Medieval tower called Bukelon has stayed in a permanent state of dereliction since it was abandoned, in the 13th or the 14th centuries.
Sometimes (but not every year) in May-June the Black Sea turns… green. Not just the greenish colour that large masses of water sometimes assumes, but a bright, almost ethereal bluish-green that mesmerises. What is going on?
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Over 500 representatives of the Bulgarian NGO sector, entrepreneurs and diplomats attended the annual meeting of the America for Bulgaria Foundation with its grantees in Sofia, on 30 January. Everyday...

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