Situated in central Bulgaria, this valley has several major attractions and, consequently, bears many names. Some will know that it is in the middle of the rose attar producing region, hence the Valley of Roses moniker.
This is the biggest and grandest Bulgarian Orthodox monastery and a major site visited by busloads of both domestic and international tourists every day.
Few people brave the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in wintertime, but nothing compares to being able to roam the empty streets of this amazing town in February or March.
One of Bulgaria's grandest archaeological finds in recent years is also its most puzzling.
Northwestern Bulgaria, traditionally poor and underdeveloped, rarely finds its way into any tourist itinerary. Yet, it has plenty of hidden gems to offer.
Bulgaria lacks well-preserved mediaeval fortresses, and the recent craze for rebuilding ancient and medieval remains into shiny towers and fortifications just adds modern insult to historical injury. However, on the northern slopes of the Rhodope there stands one fortification that…
Inevitably in the various Top 5 oddest monuments in the world lists, this "flying saucer" construction has sat on top of a Bulgarian mountain since its erection in 1981, when it was designed to celebrate the Communist Party's supposed eternity.
This city in southern Bulgaria, in the middle of the Plain of Thrace, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in Europe.
Aficionados of ancient Bulgarian history are probably well-familiar with the Thracians, the pre-Christian tribes that inhabited these lands and that went on to become a constituent ethnicity of the first Bulgarian state.
This mountain range is perhaps Bulgaria's most beautiful. It is to be visited time and again, through all seasons – though spring, when all trees and flowers are in full blossom, may be the most enchanting.
Those with knowledge of the off-the-beaten-track areas in Bulgaria will know that this country abounds in strange, bizarre sites and locations that are sometimes whims of nature but often the result of human activity.
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