Situated right in the geographical centre of Bulgaria, this is an area that abounds in archaeological finds.
You are in the middle of large European city. In front of you is a huge gold-domed church bearing the name of a Russian saint. Behind you is an equestrian statue of a Russian tsar.
One of Europe's oldest inhabited cities is situated in southern Bulgaria. It has many faces reflecting its sometimes turbulent history: Thracian, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and so on.
Depending on who you talk with, the monument to King Samuil, the medieval Bulgarian ruler who lost a major battle against the Byzantines as a result of which every soldier in the Bulgarian army had his eyes gauged out, is…
Among the rolling hills of northern Bulgaria, near Veliko Tarnovo, a strange pillar stands amid a cornfield. From afar, it looks just like one of those abandoned factory chimneys that dot Bulgaria left, right and centre. But it isn't.
This is a church, half-submerged in water – the only material remnant of the village it belonged before it was annihilated to make room for a water reservoir in the 1950s.
You are on the outskirts of a major town in the eastern parts of the Rhodope. Just off the winding road you find yourself in the middle of a field full of a bizarre rock formations, something that looks like…
Arguably Bulgaria's ugliest town, this place does have its charms, especially if you are interested in Communist-era industrial history.
Situated a few miles from the Turkish border, this small town, which is named after a large town in northern Bulgaria, was in a no-go border zone for about 50 years.
You thought that the Bulgarian Black Sea coast has been hopelessly overbuilt and is now a gaudier version of Ibiza and Mallorca the way they looked in the 1990s? You were told that cheap beer taken in ample quantities at…
There are no Jews in this city situated on a major river in Bulgaria, but their synagogue still stands – in a state of abandonment and severe dilapidation.
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