The Bulgarian National Anthem, Mila rodino, or Dear Fatherland, speaks of Bulgaria as an "Elysium on earth." But toponyms in this country referring to paradise are few and far between. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find any.
Possibly the most infamous star in Bulgaria's history used to adorn the spire of the former Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party widely referred to as "The Party House."
Even though urbanisation and industrialisation in Bulgaria started as early as the turn of the 19th Century, most really large-scale projects such as thermal and hydro power engineering, road construction and general infrastructure were started by the Communists after the…
Most of them are out of order, vandalised, have been neglected for many years, or just do not show the right time, but throughout the 20th Century street clocks were regularly installed at road intersections, on public buildings, railway stations,…
The people living in this part of northwestern Bulgaria are used to caves, grottoes and all kinds of rock formations. It is easy to see why – the whole area literally sits on a soft limestone bedrock, and the elements…
Stepping onto the rocky promontory that juts out 230 feet into the sea north of Balchik, you will see the last yet-untainted-byconstruction bits of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
Next to the small church, where a 19th Century massacre of Bulgarians took place, sits an actual Soviet fighter plane donated to their hometown by local soldiers born in 1949.
If you went for holidays to Sunny Beach, you were likely taken on a day trip to a "traditional" Bulgarian village in the Strandzha. You were probably offered some tourist animation in the form of old women spinning wool and…
According to the people who designed and built it, 1,700,000 cubic metres of soil were dug out in 1978-1981 in order to accommodate it, obliterating several neighbourhoods.
Erected on a Central Balkan mountain ridge offering fantastic vistas to both the southern Balkan fields and its hilly outreaches into Northern Bulgaria, this site is home to Communism's grandest and possibly least useful monument.
There are many explanations why this village came to be on the steep bank of the Kanina River, protected by the high ridges of the Western Rhodope and facing the even higher peaks of the Pirin.
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