The elderly man who climbs up the clock tower in this Balkan Mountains town twice a day to wind the clock says that he has climbed the Eiffel Tower 385 times – without having left his hometown.
Rezovska River is the only barrier between Strandzha's smallest village and Turkey. But to get across you need to make a long detour.
It is a shock, really. You are driving through one of the dullest stretches of the Danubian Plane – a conglomeration of rundown villages and small towns with unpronounceable names, epitomising the eternity of Bulgaria's Transition, when suddenly, among the…
A rocky plateau along the sea shore, covered in thick grass – this unlikely locale is where Bulgaria's dreams of becoming the next Saudi Arabia began - and ended.
You are 2,300 metres above sea level in Bulgaria's highest mountain, surrounded by snow-topped peaks and a multitude of lakes bearing odd names such as The Kidney, The Teardrop, The Twin, The Eye and The Low.
One hundred years ago in this meadow in front of the St Nikolay Letni Church, eight men gathered with their families. They went inside, lit the largest candles and paid the priest to say a prayer for health and good…
The bridge over the Arda which you are looking at has more than one thing to do with the devil. It is devilishly beautiful. The road leading to it is devilishly bad.
You are in a remote region of Bulgaria, a few miles from the Turkish border, where Christianity and paganism blend into a bizarre mixture of faith and superstition.
As you stroll amidst the holes and furrows carved thousands of years ago into this rocky plateau about 30 km, or 19 miles, from Asenovgrad, watch your step. The sheer precipice can cause vertigo and rumour has it that the…
You are just 30 miles outside Sofia and there is no sea nearby, but it feels as though you are on the Isle of Iona. You are surrounded by unusual, Celtic-looking crosses of all shapes and sizes, and your imagination…
This major Bulgarian city of poets and musicians has been underrated in recent years as the poets and musicians have gone, and the city council has destroyed many listed buildings to make room for unbridled construction work and meaningless monuments.
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Hristo Botev neighbourhood risks becoming ghetto next to Sofia Airport

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