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Located in northwestern Bulgaria, this major cave is one of Bulgaria's largest. A 2.5-kilometre walk through its numerous galleries will reward with all the usual subterranean attractions such as multicoloured stalactites, stalagmites, underground waters, stone galleries big and small, and so on and so forth. But what makes it so remarkable is one side gallery where you will see the largest collection of prehistoric rock art to be found anywhere in modern Bulgaria.

It contains hundreds of mesmerising, sometimes even psychedelic guano drawings that depict anything from men, women and animals to rivers, snakes, imaginary solar calendars and... strange figures that some will find extraterrestrial in appearance. There are many similarities between this sort of rock art and other rock art found in France, Spain and Turkey, but the Bulgarian site offers the added value of being almost completely unknown to the outside world. A real and, as it is underground, literary well-hidden gem.

Where in Bulgaria are you?

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Our regular reader Brian Sandford guessed correctly that Mishkova Niva is the place in the Where in Bulgaria Are You? quiz in issue 121. He wins a copy of Hidden Treasures of Bulgaria, Part 2. Brian SandfordBrian and his wife, Shirley, moved to Bulgaria from the UK in 2008. "We had visited the country a few times before making our decision to take the plunge," Brian says. "It was a risk at the time but we soon found a nice house in the village of Turkincha, near Veliko Tarnovo. Everyone there made us very welcome and that is one of the big pluses of being here: very friendly and lovely local villagers. We have travelled around Bulgaria a lot and the scenery is spectacular!" There are still things that could be improved. "The road to and from Sofia Airport from the main highway doesn't exactly give arrivals the wow factor for Bulgaria in general and Sofia in particular. The general standard of driving here is dreadful. The Bulgarian language is also very difficult to learn... but hey, so what, we can usually get by with effort and a big smile!" Brian also finds that Vagabond is "always a very interesting read and I always look forward to receiving my copy each month then passing it on to friends in the village."

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