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Express your love in a way that brings joy and warms the heart

Historians say that gifts are a pillar of human civilisation. Sacrifices to the gods, exchange of luxurious objects between rulers – since times immemorial humanity was entangled in a web of relationships based on the pragmatic principle "I give in order that you may give." 

Luckily, today we give useful, cute, exotic or luxurious gifts to achieve something much simpler and nicer: expressing our love for the important people in our life. We are blessed to have the chance of selecting presents that aim not to impress them or to win their benevolence, but to make them happy, to satisfy some hidden desire, to give something practical and nice. In the first months of 2021 the gifts that bring joy and light to life can often fit in the palm of the hand, like a piece of jewellery with unique beauty or an innovative cosmetic product that spares both nature and our health. 

Because humanity evolves, and so do gifts!

The violet secret of youth: SMART SKINCARE by SHIMANI


Science and visionary thinking are in the core of one the most exciting products on the cosmetics market: the innovative anti-age products with the patented Chelate Repair Complex™ by the Bulgarian brand SHIMANI (, Instagram: shimani_bg, Facebook: Shimani Bulgaria). The series has been developed for 3 years by scientists at the Cryobiology Institute and the result is astonishing: smooth, beautiful and wrinkle-free skin thanks to ingredients such as peptides, vitamin С, grape-seed oil, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract. The SMART SKINCARE series includes products for complete day and night care, and its distinctive violet colour is the embodiment of quality and excellent results for ladies with high demands.

Hristina Natural Cosmetics: Special gift sets for a special year

Hristina Natural Cosmetics

When we give good natural cosmetics, we express a special attitude. Hristina Cosmetics's exclusive gift sets help us to choose. The body care BECOME A CHEF sets are charged with the fresh aroma of raspberries, orange, melon, sweet chocolate cookie. The unique Intelligent Crystal Cosmetics unisex sets come with amber, sapphire, emerald or amethyst, and provide complete facial care. More fresh gift ideas: on

Bring colour to your life: The current collection of COEUR DE LION jewellery is charged with eternal charm

Timeless elegance instead of fast fashion flirtation – this the trademark of COEUR DE LION jewellery.


This philosophy defines the latest collection of COEUR DE LION as well. The elegant necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, hand-made in Germany, charm with the dizzying variety of aventurine, sodalite, haematite, lepidolite, and onyx combined with 316L stainless steel and sparkling Swarovski® crystals.

True to its aesthetic principles, the brand turns each necklace, bracelet, ring, and earring into a unique piece of jewellery, and the option to combine them and to create sets provides endless opportunities to underline your individuality.

Find the latest addition to your COEUR DE LION collection on and in Sofia, at 29 Alabin St and 7 Solunska St.

Responsible care for beautiful life: Eyüp Sabri Tuncer vegan cosmetics

Eyüp Sabri Tuncer vegan cosmetics

Quality vegan cosmetics shows responsibility towards us, the other living beings and the planet. With the products of the renowned brand Eyüp Sabri Tuncer (official distributor for Bulgaria Holistic Advice, Dobrich, 43 25th September Blvd, phone: 0895 608 912, we are sure that we receive the best cosmetic care without compromising with our principles. For almost 100 years now the company has produced cosmetics with emblematic quality, and the products in its rich portfolio meet the highest requirements for quality and safety. Eyüp Sabri Tuncer has also a V-LABEL certificate by the European Vegetarian Union.

A few drops with impressive effect: Blodeu rejuvenating oil


The modern woman is aware of the importance of proper regime for achieving young, radiant and healthy facial skin. With the organic, certified Blodeu rejuvenating oil (, Instagram: blodeuface) this happens easily and, more importantly, effectively. With its high content of omega fatty acids and А, В1, В2, В5, D, E, K and РР vitamins Blodeu is a trusted ally in the fight against first wrinkles, mimic lines, dehydration, red spots, inflammation. It nourishes and regenerates the skin without blocking the pores. And is very easy to use: just a few drops in the morning and the evening on a clean face provide an impressive result.

BIO: VÉGANE ORGANIC HEMP 24-hour care: Awaken your skin

organic hemp oil

The 24-hour face cream BIO: VÉGANE ORGANIC HEMP ( is all your skin needs in winter – a superfood rich in omega fatty acids. This marvellous product protects the stressed skin, optimises the hydration level, soothes the irritated spots, improves elasticity without making the skin too oily, and creates the overall feel of relaxation. Apply in the morning and the evening on a cleaned face nourished with a serum.

Hand cream IROHA HER[B] by Iroha Nature: Hemp oil for softness and regeneration


With its rich content in vitamins А, С and Е and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids the oil of Cannabis Stativa has the remarkable capability to nourish the skin and to hydrate it in depth. That is why we choose the hemp oil hand cream IROHA HER[B] by Iroha Nature (,, FB: Iroha Nature-Bulgaria, Instagram: as the best solution to restore our hands' skin during winter's harsh conditions. Hemp oil has a proven antioxidant and anti-aging effect, and the cream's formula is specifically developed to make our skin elastic and to soften the cuticles.

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