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Forget the troubles and immerse yourself in the joy of Christmas presents

With Christmas coming, the question of the gifts balloons to scaring proportions. On the one hand, we don't have much time, and on the other we worry if our choice will make its recipient happy or will be met with a lukewarm "Thank you" and forgotten in some corner or wardrobe. These thoughts stress us and rob us from the most precious thing: the joy of choosing presents, the impatient awaiting for the reaction while they are being unwrapped, and the thrill before we are about to see what surprises have our relatives and friends have for us.

Christmas shopping, however, can be organised in a way that allows us to enjoy the festive mood. The solution is simple: instead of quantity, choose quality. One, but classy and carefully selected gift brings more joy than a boringly standard collection of cheap things. The unique gift says to its receiver clearly, and simply: "I love you. You are important to me." What this present will be, it is up to you and the receiver: from a good book to a travel, and from an elegant piece of jewellery to cosmetics or a luxurious aromatic candle that makes the home more cosy. Whatever you choose, what counts is to do it sincerely and without compromises with the quality. The spirit of Christmas will do the rest.

Cœur de Lion: Inspiring beauty
Cœur de LionExcellence without compromises: such are the new collections BRILLIANTCOEUR and INTENSECOEUR by Cœur de Lion ( The BRILLIANTCOEUR line offers elegant jewellery in anthracite, pearl white, chrome, agate grey and haematite, more formal variants in pearl white, pink gold and golden beige combined with tiger's eye, and suggestions in midnight blue, crimson and onyx black. INTENSECOEUR makes use of intense, contrast colours in striking combinations of midnight blue, fuchsia pink, rose and blue zirconia or gold topaz, and for the new season, the GEOCUBE collection has become more delicate.


I.N.O.X. PROFESSIONAL DIVER by VICTORINOX swiss army: Your inner explorer's best friend
I.N.O.X. PROFESSIONAL DIVERWhen active life is your style, then I.N.O.X. PROFESSIONAL DIVER by Victorinox Swiss Army is your watch. This piece of Swiss ingenuity embodies the ultimate functionality and uncompromising quality, establishing new standard in watchmaking. This watch's stylish simplicity conceals technical complexity while its perfectly balanced structure is robust with comfortable fit. The I.N.O.X. PROFESSIONAL DIVER ( features anti-magnetic protection (ISO 764), offers maximum visibility from a distance of 25cm in the dark and can withstand diving in waters at least 200m deep. The perfect watch is here, it is up to you to begin the adventure.


YUNO PEARLS: A present of style and good mood

YUNO PEARLSMake the beautiful occasions in life and the special moments more memorable: with an incredible piece of jewellery by YUNO Pearls's shops ( The variety of classical suggestions and avant-garde designs of freshwater and sea pearls with gold, silver, and semi-precious stones is a chance for each lady to discover a piece of jewellery that complements best her individuality and boosts her natural charm. Gorgeous, stylish and suitable for each occasion, the jewellery by YUNO Pearls is a wonderful way to make the women you love happy.


ERICSON LABORATOIRE SENSITIVE PRO. GLYCINUTRINE CREAMThe Ericson Laboratoire Sensitive PRO. GLYCINUTRINE CREAM provides you with the ultimate care in winter. Rich and nourishing, it calms the irritated and sensitive skin, making it dense and soft. The biotechnological ingredient SEPICALM S protects from mechanical, chemical and sun aggression and irritation, and stimulates the synthesis of beta-endorphins. The water extract of gorse calms, has anti-inflammatory effect and increases the release of beta-endorphins. The exracts of yarrow and mimosa tenuiflora strengthen, restore and care for the blood vessels. The verbena distillate calms, softens, restores and tones. The cream is suitable for night and day use for very dry skin or in bad atmospheric conditions, and very low temperatures. For optimal comfort, before it apply the Cytokinol serum for sensitive skin.


KNEIPP® BIO OIL: In harmony with nature
KNEIPP® BIO OIL"Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health!," said priest and naturopathic healer Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) and this eternal principle is the foundation of Kneipp® Bio oil (FB: Kneipp® Bio oil provides you with intense care against scars and stretch marks. The valuable oils in it smooth and feed the mature, dry and stressed skin. The grapefruit oil stimulates metabolism and thus helps the natural regeneration of the skin, while the organic oils of wild saffron and olives protect it from dehydration, feed it and make it soft as silk. Kneipp® Bio oil is made of 100 percent natural oils, without dyes, paraffin, silicone and mineral oils.


TECHNOMARKET @HOME: Christmas aroma
Macaron Treats by Yankee CandleFor six years now @Home has been promoting excellent taste towards everything that surrounds us at home, offering the latest collections of luxury porcelain, household decorations and bedlinen by premium brands like Villeroy&Boch, WMF, Lenox, Yankee Candle, Sander, Yves Delorme, Hugo Boss, Riedel, Rosenthal, Sambonet, Wedgewood. For the 2016 winter holidays, @Home presents the new festive collection of the high-quality fragrance Yankee Candle. The natural essential oils capture the season's spirit and together with the classical Christmas colours create a feel of cosiness and boost your festive mood.


HOME'N'ROLL BY NIDO: Mobile vacation
HOME'N'ROLL BY NIDOContact with nature is the best cure for the fatigue of the big city, and if you suffer from a chronic deficiency of this, NIDO has an offer for you. The company has developed the innovative Home'n'Roll, a mobile home for everyone who doesn't want to compromise between living with the clean air of the mountain or the murmur of the sea waves, and the contact with the everyday life in the big city. Buy Home'n'Roll as a gift for yourself and your family, and you will have a minimalistic, but comfort space and everything that you need to bring in one place your happiness from living close to nature. Find your NIDO mobile home at the company's showroom in Sofia, 1 Andrey Lyapchev Blvd.


AVALON: Stylish solution when you look for a gift

AVALON giftsWhat presents to give to our relatives? And to our business partners? We often struggle with the answers, particularly when Christmas is speeding up towards us. With Avalon ( you will leave these troubles behind. Since 1995, the company has perfected itself in the selection and import of special and memorable gifts in models and designs unique for Bulgaria. The Avalon's catalogue is astonishing: objects of glass, ceramics, wood and wrought iron, office accessories, jewellery boxes, candles, exotic gifts, and more, and more... Whatever you chose, add a gift basket full with specifically selected delicacies and you will end up with something you have previously thought of as impossible: the perfect Christmas present.

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