by Bozhidara Georgieva

Pets bless us with their unconditional love. We should reciprocate with unconditional care

In the endless weeks when we were forced to stay at our homes, pets proved to be of invaluable help. Even in the darkest moments, the long walks with our dogs and our cats' affection provided us with the much-needed feel of stability, love and even joy. For people who live alone pets became an invaluable company that helped them to deal with lockdown's psychological stress.

But as any owner of a dog, cat or another animal at home knows, having a pet is a task that asks for responsibility. The pet that we have bought or adopted has physical and psychological needs that we have to meet if we want it to be happy. Otherwise we would be undeserving its unconditional love (yes, cats do love their humans, they just do not always show it).

The right petcare starts with the conditions at home. It should provide the pet with sufficient space, including secluded nooks, so that it can feel calm, safe and a part of the family. This is why it is not recommendable to take a large dog if you live in a small apartment. Cat owners should take precaution and secure balconies and windows as too often, led by their hormones or curiosity, cats jump or fall, and then disappear without a trace.

A pet cannot be healthy and happy without timely and quality medical care. Unfortunately, too many owners do not understand this and wrongfully believe that there is no need to overstress themselves with visiting the vet, if their cat does not leave home anyway. They do not realise that they themselves can bring home pathogens with their clothes and shoes. Dog owners, for their part, all too often go to the vet's office only for vaccinations.

However, pets, just like humans, need regular prophylactic check-ups to stay really healthy and to bring us joy for years to come.

The achievements of modern veterinary medicine are impressive. At Central Vet Clinic (Sofia, 25 Chavdar Mutafov St, next to Sofia Zoo, entrance from Simeonovsko Shose Boulevard, phones: 02 421 99 99, 0888 100 970, 0899 100 970, you have all of them at one place. The innovative idea for creating the veterinary equivalent of a hospital for complex treatment has successfully developed for 10 years now. At Central Vet Clinic work specialists in fields such as cardiology and diagnostic imagery, orthopedy, internal medicine, OB and artificial insemination, oncology and chemotherapy, surgery, ophthalmology, skin diseases and allergies, dietology, dental medicine for dogs and cats. Thanks to their expertise and the modern technologies for diagnosis and treatment, the patients of Central Vet Clinic enjoy world-class healthcare. No case is considered too hard a challenge for the clinic's veterinary doctors. Following their mission to help their patients, they happily and enthusiastically partner with their general practice colleagues in treatment of rare and complicated conditions. Owners of exotic pets will also find an extended hand and competent care at Central Vet Clinic. The clinic's specialists gain additional experience as partners in treatment of Sofia Zoo animals.

The close cooperation between general practice and specialised vets is in the foundation of quality petcare. Pets need a trusted doctor who will take care of regular prophylactic check-ups and treatment, of vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, cosmetic care, healthy eating advice (particularly important for young, old and overweight animals).

When we search for a veterinarian whom to trust with prophylaxis and treatment of our pet, it is recommendable to find out professionals with rich experience, desire for development and true love for animals, such as the doctors at Royal Vet Clinic (Sofia, Sveta Troitsa, Block 347 A, next to Nedelya Pastry Shop, FB: royalvet, call round the clock: 087 611 2150). The clinic's team successfully works in fields such as reproduction, neonatology, pediatrics, treatment of infectious, neurological, and dermatological diseases, and uses contemporary technology for image and laboratory diagnosis, anaesthesia, dentistry, minimally invasive surgery and manipulations. At Royal Vet you will also find cosmetic services and grooming, pet hotel, home visits and quality medicines and medical foods.

Quality food and medicines make another important pillar of proper petcare. That is why when choosing brands and food manufacturers no compromises should be made.

Recently, online shopping increased its popularity. Farma Vet (, a Bulgarian company, has long and stable traditions in this field, delivering all over Bulgaria with its own transportation or, in urgent cases, via a courier. You can order from Farma Vet high-quality granulated pet food and also a series of cosmetic products, products for protection against parasites, veterinary medicines, disinfectants. The specialists from the Shumen-based company and the products they develop and manufacture at the high-tech modern facilities are of help not only to owners of dogs and cats, but also to owners of exotic and farm animals. The most recent products by Farma Vet include specialised series for pigeons and falcons, disinfectants for pets, horse mane care. The company also answered to the increased need for improved personal hygiene caused by the Covid-19 epidemic and started manufacturing its own sanitising products. Septo Cor is a hand disinfectant for professional and personal use that comes as a spray and a gel, while Desinsept Concentrate disinfects effectively all types of rooms and surfaces.

Just like in humans, dogs and cats' joints can become stiff with ageing or as a result of overloading and diseases. But with the right food supplement you can keep your pet active. The products of Lintbells (Sofia, Lyulin 10, 25 Dr Petar Dertliev Blvd, Labirint Building, floor 5,, a British brand, are a proven solution. Established in 2006, the company is dedicated to the mission to develop healthy and effective food supplements for dogs and cats in a wide spectrum of fields. The products of the YuMOVE range take care of young and old animals' joints. YuMOVE Dog is recognised as pet joint supplement Number 1 in the UK. With its natural formula it helps in reduction of stiffness, protection of joints and improvement of their flexibility. YuMOVE Dog is clinically proven to improve the condition of your dog's joints after being taken for 6 weeks*. The YuDIGEST supplement benefits the digestive system as it provides not only beneficial bacteria (probiotics), but also prebiotics for maintaining a balanced microflora. The YuDERM product range improves skin and fur condition, and reduces hair shedding. YuRELIEVE is specifically designed for cats' urinary tract. Lintbells products are created by dedicated professionals and their effect has been proven by thousands of happy dogs, cats, and owners living wholesome, and awesome, lives thanks to them.

Thus, with the right combination of medical care, healthy food and love we can be sure that our pets are in top shape and will bring us joy for long with their presence and unconditional love. 

* According to survey by the Royal Veterinary College


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