by Bozhidara Georgieva

Quality education is the safest warranty for future success in the globalised world

The school, the university, the specialised courses: when we look back in our own past, the choices and chances that we have had and have had not in our education have determined our later life. While we are unable to change our past, the future of our children, who are now going through the stages of the educational process, is uncertain. Sometimes it can even appear disquieting. Indeed, we are living in times of rapid change that makes redundant professions which until recently have been well established and respected. Who can say for sure, for example, that 20 years from now we will not be treated by robot physicians?

In such dynamic times the need to provide quality education to our children is urgent, important, stressful. The most ambitious parents begin the search of the most perspective options as early as with the nursery. Each following educational stage brings in other agitations, questions, hesitations.

However, when we cool down our passions a bit and think logically, we will discover that there are already solutions. In Bulgaria, quality education has established itself in a number of institutions who successfully prepare children for the challenges of the future. Some of them specialise in a certain subject or educational degree, while others have broader spectrum. They, however, are united by several factors whose presence will easily help you make an informed and good choice.

Quality educational institutions provide secure environment for their students. There children feel calm and loved, encouraged to learn, to discover the world, to be leaders. The good kindergartens, schools and colleges are staffed exclusively by qualified teachers with experience and true love for kids. The curriculum is approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education or by a prestigious international educational institution. Early language education is present and there is a rich choice of additional classes in arts, computer competences, sports.

Each and every detail in good educational institutions is created to prepare children for a dynamic, exciting future, in which they develop their potential and are happy and successful adults, regardless of in which corner of the world they are based.


Cosmos Kids English Nursery and Kindergarten: Early development matters

Multicultural environment, purposeful development of children via games and study, building up of independent thinking, development of the imagination and freedom of thought, close to nature, with love for sports and physical activity, studying of the English language, and introduction to other foreign languages: these are only some of the things offered to the students of Cosmos Kids English Nursery and Kindergarten (Sofia, 48 Georgi Georgiev – Gets, phone: +359 884 788 274, The professionals at Cosmos Kids know how important are such skills and dispositions for the future successful development of the child in the global world. They offer a curriculum that is entirely in English, in accordance with the European campaign for early foreign language study, and provide complete care for their students. The children at Cosmos Kids study in small groups and receive personal attention from the teachers and tutors, and additional classes in sports, diverse arts, and social communication.


British School of Sofia: Excellent education from kindergarten to college

For years, the British School of Sofia (Lozenets, 1 “Ekaterina Nencheva” St, has established itself as a reliable institution applying the world's best educational models and standards. The British School of Sofia Kindergarten follows the Cambridge International Early Years Programme. Teaching approach also uses international programmes such as International Primary Curriculum (IPC), Jolly Phonics and Tapestry, allowing to develop both the academic and the creative potential of the children. Safety and happiness are main goals, with each group having two teachers and a caretaker.

British School of Sofia is the only school in Bulgaria that follows the British National Curriculum. It is accredited by Cambridge International Examinations as a Cambridge Primary and Secondary 1 School and by the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). The school curriculum also includes International Primary Curriculum (IPC), Jolly Phonics, Habits of Mind and Thinking Based Learning Programmes. Students start studying Spanish, French or German at age of 8. Innovation and technology progress are of the core values, and students have subjects such as Lego, Robotics, Information and Communication Technology and Digital Drawing.
British School of Sofia College holds accreditation from Cambridge International Examinations for International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), IB Diploma Programme World School and from the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). The IB Diploma Programme aims to develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalising world.


St George International School & Preschool: Effective school community

Established in 1996, St George International School & Preschool (Sofia, 47 Nikola Vaptsarov Blvd, +359 899 995 578, offers highly competitive education and provides creative and supportive environment for studying and education of children aged 2 to 19. The school combines the best of the British and Bulgarian educational systems, with application of integrated education in accordance with the state standards of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, and the British standards for primary, secondary level, IGCSE and GCE A Level. At St George education is a dynamic process of search and understanding, filled with curiosity and aim for development, love and support. Along with the strong academic programme St. George International School & Preschool provides its students with the opportunity to gain experience and confidence, which will help for a successful realization in Bulgaria and the rest of the global world as well. In 2014 St George was registered as an International school with the UK Department of Education and became a member of COBIS (Council of the British International Schools). From 2016 St. George International School & Preschool is fully accredited as Cambridge Primary School and Cambridge International School.


The American College of Sofia: School with History and Powerful New Presence

Originally founded in 1860, the American College of Sofia (ACS) today is an independent, highly selective, co-educational secondary school that brings together the values and best practices of American education with the great tradition of teaching and learning in Bulgaria and Europe. The primary mission of the College is to educate Bulgarian youth, as it has been throughout the College's history as the leading school in the Balkans. In addition, ACS believes that a diverse student body enriches the educational experience for all. ACS has a vibrant and growing IB Diploma program for international students. Currently students from the USA, Canada, Vietnam, the UK, Syria, and other countries attend the College and contribute to its global community. The American College of Sofia welcomes applications from qualified students, as this program continues to expand.

Using English as the primary language of instruction, the College offers a rigorous core curriculum – tempered by an array of electives and extra-curricular activities in the visual and performing arts, science, athletics, journalism, student government, and numerous clubs – that prepares students to meet the most demanding criteria of universities around the world. The exceptional educational philosophy and practices of ACS have enabled generations of students to achieve outstanding academic success, develop critical thinking skills, become enthusiastic lifelong learners, demonstrate sensitivity to the global human condition and the environment, cherish democratic values, and become responsible citizens and leaders in Bulgaria and around the world. The American College of Sofia is a remarkable placе: a school with both a storied history and a powerful new presence. Find out more about this extraordinary institution by exploring its website or by contacting the College directly.


Darbi College: The ambition to succeed

British education is famous worldwide with its quality and the perspectives it creates. In order to have it, though, you don't need to leave Bulgaria. Darbi College (Sofia, 58 Rakovski St, is the first British school for IGCSE and A Level studies in Bulgaria. It was licensed by the Cambridge International Examinations Board in 2007, and a year later it was certified by Cambridge Assessment for administering the entry exams to the Oxford University. Its alumni graduate with IGCSE and A Level diplomas, issued by the Cambridge International Examinations Board, which gives them the opportunity to study in the best universities in Europe and the world. Each detail in Darbi College is created to help students unleash their potential. The classes are small. There are additional private tutorials and support for university application. The teachers are young graduates from excellent Bulgarian and international universities. All of this makes Darbi College one of Sofia's elite high schools and an educational institution for every young person who wants to succeed.

Today, education is not a road travelling on which you reach a certain point at the final of some educational degree. Instead, it is a travel that continues for the whole life, and continuous studying and mastering of new knowledges and skills is a sign of the successful modern person.

HRC Culinary Academy: International diploma in Restaurant Management

The skills to prepare high-class food and to manage a restaurant will never go out of fashion; on the contrary, they are destined to become even more sought after both in Bulgaria and the world. The training at HRC Culinary Academy (Sofia, 59 Tsar Boris III Blvd,, ensures a successful career in the culinary and restaurant industry. As the leading culinary school of Eastern Europe, the Academy offers training in the English language by highly-qualified international instructors. The unique for Bulgaria educational facility with more than 1,000 square meters of kitchens, laboratories and demonstration facilities is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and tools - designed not only for future professionals but also for enthusiasts in the field of culinary and beverages. The Academy provides paid internships in some of the best hotels and restaurants across Europe and the USA, and provides excellent opportunities for career development in the restaurant industry around the world. The HRC diplomas are internationally accredited by the ACF, the American Culinary Federation, which makes it one of the three schools in Europe with such accreditation.

Vihrovenia: The power of Suggestopedia

Do you experience difficulties studying foreign languages? Are your children troubled in school? Then it is time to see for yourself the power of Suggestopedia. Developed by Professor Georgi Lozanov in the 1970s and recognised by UNESCO, this innovative educational method steps on the deep talent of each person for learning. Established in 2012, Vihrovenia Centre for Classical Suggestopedia (Sofia, 9 Chiprovtsi, phone: +359 879 811 644, helps participants of all ages to learn foreign languages without stress, tension and homework, and students: to get ready for school. The positive effect of Suggestopedia transcends the mastering of educational material and difficult foreign languages. It creates wholesome personalities, teaches children and students the joy of discovering the world, and helps adults to look at their lives with smiles on their faces and to discover their creative talents.


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There is no doubt that the best investment is the one in education.
Quality education is one of the key factors that guarantee a good professional and personal future. No-one is contesting this fact. However, when the topic which education can be considered good is mentioned, the opinions start to differ.
The success of an individual, an idea or a company is often hard to predict. But if there is a factor that increases exponentially the probability for future success, this is the good education of all involved in the initiative.
When education is discussed, sometimes one can hear the opinion that this part of human development is overrated. The cases of university dropout Steve Jobs and of Steven Spielberg, who has no diploma in directing, are cited as affirmative examples.
Education and the skill to learn and to transfer this knowledge to next generations are in the basis of human civilisation.
One of the most edifying anecdotes that has reached us from Antiquity concerns a tragic event: the death of Socrates.