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Nothing compares to a vacation on a yacht

No-one can say that they have tasted life's great pleasures if they haven't spent even a day on a yacht.

Sailing is an adventure. The landscapes around you change with the speed that you want. You wake up in one bay, swim and have lunch in another and go to sleep in the port of a fishing village or the marina of a luxury resort. By you pass islands and beaches, settlements and sights, fish and stories. Are you going to stop and visit? Maybe yes. If you are in the mood. Maybe next time. If next time you are not in different waters.

Days on sea are an all-consuming experience that makes you feel alive. The salt on your skin, the wind, the mysterious noises of the vessel all become a part of you. You discover new character traits in your companion or companions, as a person's true self becomes visible particularly well while on the sea.

You don't hurry for anywhere and for anything. There are no maids and hotel staff whose schedules you need to keep in mind. No noisy stranger's kids or intrusive music either. In the morning you drink your coffee while contemplating the landscape instead of being engaged in tactical warfare over the last free chaise longues on the beach. You breakfast when you wish to. Even the glass of chilled white wine drank in the evening, after the anchor was dropped, brings more pleasure than usual.

Yacht is freedom. The freedom to be where you want, when you want, with whoever you want. To dine in your finest clothes in the elegant restaurant of a luxury resort or to share a table with your new friends, the fishermen in the sole tavern in a small village and the local cat colony. The freedom to discover new landscapes and people, to take measured risks and even to forget completely about the outside world and the hysterical social networks.

The Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea have been for long preferred destinations for yacht tourism. Nowadays, however, the eyes of people craving for a sea adventure in the summer are increasingly looking towards the Black Sea.

Bulgaria is becoming increasingly popular destination for yachting and yacht tourism. The fascinating sea breeze, the sea nature phenomena, the chance to visit romantic fishermen's settlements, the immense opportunities of the sea vastness – Bulgaria seduces with its sea coast. On the Bulgarian Black Sea coast you will find resorts with modern marinas and ancient sea cities packed with historical landmarks.

For years, the Optimal Yacht Charter agency ( has been working in Bulgaria, offering a wide range of sail and motor yachts for rent with a crew. They will also help you in organisation of a yacht trip for romance, relaxation, sailing, or just for fun. Whatever you choose, you will have a memorable sea vacation, you will explore secluded islands and will land at the most beautiful marinas of the Black Sea.

Yacht sailing is a pleasure that leaves lasting memories and an adventure that will hook you for life. Experienced seafarers, however, know that sea is not a joking matter. Before seeing what it is like to be a yacht captain, professional courses taught by people with years of experience are not recommendable but frankly obligatory.

Karela Sailing (Sofia, 17 Ilarion Makariopolski St, FB: KarelaSailing, is among the most authoritative names in this field in Bulgaria. The company was founded by captain Stefan Karamanliev, who has over 30 years of experience in training seafarers, and is licensed as a seafaring school. The training courses for 40-ton master captains are taught in Sofia, Plovdiv and Nesebar by captain Karamanliev and captain Petar Stoimenov, who has rich experience in sailing in the Atlantic Ocean. The Karela Sailing students undergo serious theoretical and practical training, including in the Aegean Sea. Karela Sailing is not only for people who want to become captains. The company offers yachts for rent and consultancy and intermediary services for anything regarding sailing: from equipment to purchase of your own vessel.

Only with professional help you could achieve the impossible: making your yacht vacation even better.

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