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Denitsa Kirkova, founder, on the latest trends and how to enjoy them

Crystal Spa & Wellness – official representative of Klafs

Spa and wellness are one of civilization's greatest achievements – it combines technologies, medicine, science, inspiration and different materials to create an atmosphere of utter bliss that benefits the body and the soul. When you want to have the best spa experience in your hotel or wellness centre, or even at your home, contact Crystal Spa & Wellness, a company for specialised equipment, design and consulting. Established and managed by experienced spa and wellness consultant Denitsa Kirkova, Crystal Spa & Wellness has created a number of emblematic spa spaces and is equally good in working in both private and public spaces. 

Denitsa Kirkova, founder of Crystal Spa & Wellness

The company achieves this thanks to a combination of expertise, enthusiasm for the new, and partnership with some of the best manufacturers on the market. Denitsa Kirkova elaborates.

What does the exceptional spa experience look like in 2023?

We, the experts in the spa and wellness industry, are witnessing a revolution that manifests itself in the conceptual planning, the products and the use of new technologies. Each year, the industry's global growth increases with billions of US dollars. To stay in line with these trends, we, professionals, are constantly educating ourselves on the latest innovations and novelties.

Crystal Spa & Wellness – official representative of Klafs

What modern clients seek from a spa experience today and how can businesses answer adequately?

In the past 10 years people's focus has been on health and balanced and harmonious living. This is why I am entirely dedicated to the creation of unique and profitable hotel and resort spa and wellness spaces, and bespoke home solutions. I specialise in spaces that offer to its users the much desired prevention of health and improvement of their general wellbeing.

Crystal Spa & Wellness – official representative of Art of Cryo

What inspired you to enter the business of spa and wellness spaces design in the first place?

I established Crystal Spa 13 years ago as I recognised the lack of high-quality products and services in public and private spa and wellness spaces in Bulgaria and Romania. I wanted to offer only the best in regard to quality and design available on the international market.

Thanks to Crystal Spa, consumers can enjoy the products and solutions of some of the best manufacturers on the market. Tell us more about the brands that you represent?

We started as official representatives of Klafs, a German company with 90 years of history, a leader in manufacturing of high-tech equipment for spa centres: saunas, steam baths, infrared cabins, ice fountains and snow rooms, hammams and many more.

Crystal Spa & Wellness – official representative of Gharieni

After we saw the effect of this partnership, we included in our portfolio another German manufacturer, Gharieni. The company has over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of massage, therapeutic and relaxation beds. Again, their quality and design are unparalleled.

Art of Cryo – a world leader in Cryo chambers manufacturing and Sommerhuber – a producer of handmade ceramic for heated lounders and benches and hammam are other German and Austrian companies we partner with that redefine the meaning of the modern spa and wellness industry by constant research and prediction of the new trends, and by developing new technologies and products.

Sofia, 16 Patriarh Evtimiy Blvd

+359 887 567 770

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