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Dr Andon Vardev, founder, transforms people's smiles – and change their lives for the better

denta med dr andon vardev
Dr Andon Vardev, founder of Denta Med

When Dr Andon Vardev created Denta Med, he had a vision to provide an ethical, top-quality treatment to patients. In the 15 years that passed since his decision, Denta Med has won the reputation of a place where patients with complicated cases requiring aesthetic and orthodontic intervention find reliable dental treatment with impressive results. A man who always strives for perfection, Dr Vardev constantly improves and upgrades his knowledge and skills. He attends on a regular basis trainings and lectures in Bulgaria and abroad dedicated to his main fields of interest – orthodontics, implantology and aesthetic dental medicine.

Denta Med has provided dental health for 15 years now. What makes you different from the rest?

I have never wanted to be special and to stand out for standing out sake. If I do, it happens because I follow ethical norms that I was taught through the years by my parents and teachers. This forces me to constantly strive to be a better professional. If I need to be more concrete, I would say that when I seek a solution for a particular problem in my work, I always put myself in the patient's shoes. I believe that the smile is a universal language, this is why I chose a profession that allows me to create smiles. The patient's smile is my business card. One that no-one can forget.

denta med cases

Which was the biggest challenge that you had to overcome in these years?

Challenges are an everyday occurrence, as each patient is a challenge of their own. If we do not count the efforts needed to graduate dental medicine, I would say that the hardest part was the start of my professional career. This is the place to mention that my wife was instrumental at that moment of my life and professional development. She was the one who organised and materialised the credit and purchased the equipment needed for my practice. Today we are still a team. This is an important condition for me as it allows me to concentrate on the medical part of my profession and to not lose energy in dealing with the heaps of additional administrative and organisational work.

denta med cases

You say that you believe in the connection between doctor and patient. Why?

This is possibly one of the few pieces of advice by my university professors that I deliberately decided to not follow. Many of them believed that in order to be a good professional and do your job properly, you have to keep a certain distance from the patients. Well, I do not follow this advice. On the contrary, I try to build friendships with my patients and I firmly believe that this translates to better treatment results.

denta med cases

You have multiple specialisations under the guidance of leading international specialists. What was the most important thing that you learned from them?

I cannot single out something or someone who has given me the "essence" of my professional development. However, teachers always leave their mark in their students' work. Perhaps the most important thing I learned from all those specialists was that there is always something new to learn regardless of the years of experience and knowledge you have already acquired.

denta med cases

Which cases from your practice make you particularly proud?

I would rather feel happy than proud. I feel this every time when I see the happy smile of a patient when their treatment has ended. Of course, as all people, I have an ego which feels satisfied when I solve a particularly complicated case. However, I will never forget the first complicated case in my career. I had just graduated and a 20-year-old patient came to the office. She was suffering many problems as a result of another disease. They had triggered a depression because of the way her smile looked and her inability to find a proper job. It was incredible how when her treatment ended this young woman completely changed her lifestyle!

denta med cases

What about the services that make you proud?

The case of the young woman inspired me to specialise in complete smile transformation. In my practice I often work with serious cases that require a lot of planning and a complex approach to achieve full change. Smile is not just about looking aesthetically pleasing. Most people prioritise appearance, but in reality teeth first and foremost play a crucial role in proper eating and the patient's body function. This is why my business card are the complicated cases that I solve – the ones that require immense concentration, planning and responsibility.

Plovdiv, 5 Mortagon St

phone : +359 896 378 484

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