by Bozhidara Georgieva

Good architects and interior designers are the professionals we cannot without

Architecture is one of the most exciting and important creations of human ingenuity. It is simultaneously a technical discipline and a form of art. It surrounds us at every step we make: it is in our homes, it defines the appearance of the buildings and towns where we live and work. It is inbuilt in the very idea of human civilisation and is a part of history of art, of a nation's identity, of the maps of historical and tourist sites. It can communicate political ideas such as democracy, humanism, care for the environment – or their complete opposites. Yet, it is at the same time an expression of engineering achievements, technological progress and innovation in the field of materials. It also influences human behaviour, from how people move in a certain environment to the mood of the inhabitant of a certain home or office to its use as a symbol of status, individuality, character.

Architecture is both an aesthetic achievement and a pragmatical solution that everyone, sooner or later, should make, be it when starting an overhaul of their home's interior, when thinking on what apartment to buy, on how to organise their office or in what building to invest their money.

Due to their high specialisation, architectural solutions are something that is best left to the professionals. In Bulgaria there are already representatives of international architecture studios that combine reputation and expertise of an established brand with eagerness for innovation and knowledge of local market and the peculiarities of the local environment.


SGI Architects and Masterplanners: The advantage of international expertise

Sustainability, international experience and local talent: SGI Architects and Masterplanners (Sofia, 102 Bulgaria Blvd, Business Centre Bellissimo, Block A, 10th floor, phone: +359 2419 9059, has plenty of advantages. Since its establishment in 2009 as a franchise of Stephen George and Partners (UK), SGI creates memorable, practical and bold projects in the fields of masterplanning and design of residential, industrial and retail buildings, interior design and mixed use projects. In each of its projects SGI applies a closed loop concept of work: conceptual design, architectural and engineering design, interior design and building quality control. Part of the company is also a multi-disciplinary engineering team that guarantees quality and expertly performed job, and improved communication. The SGI specialists apply practical approach to each task. They combine the design with the commercial part of their work, they are creative in demanding situations and aim to deliver to their clients the best possible product. The SGI projects embody intelligent idea and impeccable realisation, sustainability and innovative solutions. That is why it is hardly a surprise that SGI today is among the leading companies in its field in Bulgaria and has participated in the development of hundreds of projects in this country and internationally.

Sustainability is one of contemporary architecture's hot trends as an increasing number of people and companies realise the responsibility that our civilisation and lifestyle have to the planet as a whole. As a result were developed and continue to be developed interesting and efficient solutions that save resources and don't harm the environment. The so-called green building is making its way into Bulgaria as well.

Triple Green Building Group: Unleashing green building's potential

Sustainable development for the construction sector and expertise in the field of LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and EDGE certification are the key competences of the professionals at Triple Green Building Group (Sofia, 58 Tsanko Tserkovski St, phone: +359 899 009 339,, a US company with a branch in Bulgaria. The firm offers consulting, administration and management of sustainable construction projects, as well as certification services for LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and EDGE standards for a wide circle of specialists in the field of construction, state administration, the NGO sector. In Bulgaria, Triple Green Building Group is behind the realisation of international green certificates for impressive projects such as Synergy Tower, Vittorio Positano, NV Tower, Sofia Tech One, BPS Building 15 and Balkan Business Centre, and the only children's museum in Eastern Europe, Muzeiko. When working on a project, the professionals at Triple Green Building Group pay special attention not only on its sustainability, but also on its connectedness with its environment and space, and the budget of the partnering organisation in order to achieve the best synchronisation between innovation, effect and sustainability.

Designing of a building and an environment is also a responsibility towards the people who will inhabit them. Good architects always have that in mind when they work on a project, and create spaces with human dimensions where the inhabitants feel comfortable, liberated, relaxed. Such attitude is preferred by clever property developers because in this business the satisfied client and the quality of the product are crucial for the success of the investment.

studio CREATIVE: Future found its shape

studio CREATIVE (Sofia, 33 Lerin St, office 1, phone: +359 894 304 318; is an architecture studio that sees architecture as a form of art which is directly engaged with society and environment creation thus helping each one of us to feel better when communicating with it. That is why studio CREATIVE architects take care to create interesting and innovative solutions for each of their projects. The work style of studio CREATIVE stands out with attention to quality and personal attitude to each stage of the investment process. The studio has successfully realised dozens of projects, the latest of which are the BUDILNIK and COMFORT RESIDENCE residential buildings and KANSO complex in Sofia.

Architecture studios offering the full range of solutions for each stage of design, construction and realisation are a useful option because of their "all under one roof" concept. Experience, successfully realised projects, satisfied clients and quality certificates are details one should pay attention to when choosing such a company.

ATM Studio: Experience matters

Architect Ivaylo Mishev founded the ATM studio for design, architecture and planning (Sofia, 3 Tsanko Tserkovski St, phone +02 866 11 18, in 1990, and ever since he has always proved that experience is crucial for the successful realisation of a project. АТМ offers a full range of services: from general planning, masterplanning, sustainable planning and green design to interior design and project management to financial analysis and consultancy. The company's multidisciplinary team knows how to deal with every situation and how to find an effective solution for every requirement and need of the client. АТМ is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certified and the physical evidence for the quality of its work are the scores of successfully finished residential, administrative, public, industrial buildings. Many of ATM's projects have won and were selected for a number of competitions.

Interior design has its own rules, particularly in work spaces. Every office has its own dynamics that reflect the essence of the business, the number of the employees, the particular spaces, the company image. Good architects have all of these in mind when they create interiors which reflect the business activity of a company and inspire employees to feel relaxed, motivated, effective.

Cholakov-Gongalov Architects: The studio that your office needs

When you are looking for an interior that will be developed in accordance with your company's corporate identity, call Cholakov-Gongalov Architects studio (Sofia, 1 Tri Ushi St, phone: +359 896 811 711, Established in 2012 by architects Viktor Cholakov and Dimitar Gongalov, the studio has rich experience in creation of interiors that meet the needs and budget of a company. Something more, Cholakov-Gongalov can turn into an interior the very soul and identity of the firm, making the space a pleasant and comfortable work environment that reflects the corporate philosophy, goals and ambitions. The studio's satisfied clients are to be found in many countries around the world, from Bulgaria and Germany to the UK and the USA to the Middle East. Whatever the nature of the task they are working on, the professionals at Cholakov-Gongalov Architects always put first the client's requirements and needs. The studio is in constant contact with its clients at every step of the project and offers a full range of services in the fields of architectural projects and interior design. Cholakov-Gongalov Architects don't restrain themselves to office spaces only, they manage equally well in solutions for residential and public interiors.

Thanks to the combination of responsible attitude toward both environment and the people who are going to inhabit a particular space, of innovation and creative thinking, contemporary architecture provides us with solutions that are intriguing, new, aesthetic, practical – a true achievement of our civilisation.


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