The sales manager of ETEM Bulgaria on the company that strives to unleash the potential of aluminium and to take care of people's well-being and the environment

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Each modern building, be it a skyscraper or a family house, is a materialized dream: a dream of successful business buzzing in bright, comfortable offices or of cozy living in a healthy environment full of sun and joy. It is also a materialized dream of having a more sustainable impact on the environment, with buildings that consume less energy but provide a high standard of inhabitation. Technologically advanced facades, sun protection solutions, window and door systems are crucial for the materialization of this dream. This is why serious investors opt for the solutions of ETEM.

For 52 years now the global company with Greek roots has been a leader in the market development and production of high quality aluminium solutions for the market. ETEM's aluminium architectural systems are practical, advanced, and highly-energy efficient; they are certified according to the strictest international standards for quality and care for nature, and, last but not least, they are pleasing to the eye. This is why some of Bulgaria's most outstanding modern buildings were created with ETEM's aluminium solutions.

ETEM arrived on the Bulgarian market in 1999, today its qualified team of experts and R&D center are instrumental for the company's success. However, ETEM is aware that it should constantly strive to be better and to connect with present and future clients at a deeper level. This is one of the reasons why the company opened in 2023 two stunning showrooms in Sofia and Plovdiv. ETEM Bulgaria's sales manager, Hristina Maslarova, shares more.

ETEM has a global presence and manufactures aluminium products in various activities. What are the peculiarities of the Bulgarian market?

Bulgaria's architectural systems market is dynamic and, of course, reacts to all the processes and changes that occur not only in our country but also internationally. In this regard, one of the advantages of ETEM is that we are very well prepared. Also, our own production capacity (about 70,000 tons per year) is a key factor for the market position of the company. All this allows us to respond adequately and quickly to the market's changing needs. Last but not least, our rich portfolio meets the various needs and requirements dictated by the search for specific economic or environmental characteristics. So, whether you're working on a significant restoration project or constructing a futuristic eco-home, our products can meet all expectations and bold challenges. They are available for homeowners through our network of trusted partners.

What are the most popular ETEM system solutions?

As a system supplier of various architectural systems and aluminium profiles with different applications, the popularity or preference depends on the needs of our partners. One of the favorites for window systems are E75 and E68 – premium solutions for high-class homes, meeting the high European requirements for energy efficiency and aesthetic vision, EW70 – a system with a modern vision and optimal use of the input material, very suitable for residential complexes and E45, which is a highly recognizable and time-proven system (with a presence of over 20 years).

I can proudly say that some of the most emblematic high-rise buildings in Bulgaria and beyond (Sky Fort, Capital Fort, NV Tower, and East Plaza) were built with our system and facade solutions – E99 (our extremely successful modular curtain wall system) and E85 (our jewel in the curtain wall facades).

Because the market needs differ, we aim to have the best products to meet them. Our rich portfolio has key systems from every segment of the business – sliding systems, sun protection, railings, and others.

How are you planning to further develop ETEM оn the Bulgarian market?

One of our leading goals is to continue to be a leader in the architecture business and become a top-of-mind brand for homeowners. The leader position imposes a certain responsibility and means that we will continue to share knowledge and help develop the industry. As a leader, you must exemplify good practices, be fair, responsible, and innovative, and help your partners grow together. This is essential to our company philosophy, which we believe in and follow daily.

In 2023, ETEM opened its showrooms in Sofia and Plovdiv. Why did you decide to open these spaces?

We wanted to create and open innovative retail spaces with a different concept. The idea is to turn our showrooms into spaces for events and professional communication in a modern and inspiring environment. Through them, we will have a direct connection with partners, investors, and architects, who will be able to see some of our best products and solutions displayed against a palette of natural materials. I invite your readers to visit the ETEM showrooms in Sofia and Plovdiv and feel the pleasant atmosphere for themselves. We will be happy to welcome you!

What type of products do you display in them?

In both showrooms, we have presented some of our top products – E75 – opening system, E50 and ES70 – sliding systems. Of course, there are more provocative and exciting solutions, such as E86 – a window wall system developed for the US market where quick installation and replacement are key when choosing a system solution. In our showroom in Plovdiv, you can see a product of the Portuguese company HYLINE – the high-end minimal system HY30. These are just a few real-size samples you may want to check out. The sampled systems are a natural part of the interior and against the background of natural materials. The combination shows the possibilities for incorporating ETEM openable solutions in different environments and interiors. With various profiles and styles at your disposal, you're only limited by your imagination.

Innovation and the search for green solutions are priorities for ETEM. Which new company products embody these?

As a leading company in the industrial sector, our aim is to play an essential role in creating a more sustainable future. We are constantly working and exploring opportunities to improve the life cycle of our systems and the impact of buildings and homes that will leave their mark on future generations. We continuously invest in development and can boast of some of the best professionals in this field. All this can be seen as a result of the quality of our products. I will give two of our new systems on the market as examples. One is EF50 – a suspended facade system that uses the necessary optimal amount of aluminium and is designed to provide incredible technical characteristics. Our other notable system is EW70 – a durable window system with excellent thermal insulation. This system is the best choice for homeowners who do not compromise on quality and search for a good functionality-quality-investment ratio.

How do they benefit your customers, end users, and the environment?

Sustainability is our core value. Our solutions minimize environmental impact while maximizing performance and improving living conditions. We don't offer products, we offer solutions with smart design, lasting impact, and high energy efficiency. ETEM's aluminium architectural systems are an innovative and sustainable approach for environmentally friendly buildings and homes characterized by functionality, aesthetic appearance, long-term savings on energy costs and a long-life cycle.

Which of the projects you implemented as an ETEM sales manager will you remember forever and why?

The skyscrapers NV Tower and Sky Fort are projects I cannot forget. With such projects, the challenges are many; they appear unexpectedly, and the deadlines are pressing. So, all participants in the process work cohesively and very productively. I will use this moment to share that the people working on these sites are highly creative and resourceful professionals.

What is the most exciting part of your work with clients?

The whole process is interesting. These are finding solutions, sharing, exchanging experiences and building trust. We have a solid partnership from working together over the years, going through highs and lows. At work, how you react to difficult situations and how you partner with customers is essential.

What are you looking to achieve when you start working on a new project, and how do you achieve it?

It is of utmost importance to us to provide the client with sufficient quality information so that they can make an informed decision about their project. At ETEM, we have an obvious and professional approach to work. We always ask a few fundamental questions: "What is the customer looking for?", "What does he need?", "What does he imagine?", "What are the important things for him?", "Which products are most suitable for the specific case?", "What are his budget and deadline expectations?", "What can we offer that covers all or almost all key criteria for the client?". The answers to these questions are important to us; based on them, we prepare the most suitable solution for the customer.


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