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Welcome to the realm of holistic solutions for navigating the complexities of business, leadership, and life. Meet Ivet Pavlova, a seasoned NLP Somatic Business, Leadership & Life Balance Coach, International Trainer, and Mentor Coach. With a deep understanding of human dynamics and a passion for empowering individuals, Ivet specializes in supporting business owners, corporate leaders, new entrepreneurs, start-up and scale-up founders in overcoming challenges and achieving their aspirations.

At the heart of Ivet's approach lies a commitment to fostering personal and professional growth with ease, love, and empathy. Drawing upon her wealth of experience, she guides her clients through transformational journeys, helping them navigate obstacles, unlock their full potential, and cultivate a balanced and fulfilling life.

One of Ivet's key passions lies in cultivating effective and cohesive teams within organizations. By nurturing a positive company culture where individuals can thrive, she facilitates environments conducive to success and innovation.

Beyond her work with established professionals, Ivet is deeply passionate about training and mentoring new coaches, equipping them with the tools and insights needed to make a positive impact in Bulgaria and globally. Through her dedication to excellence and her unwavering commitment to empowering others, Ivet provides a guiding light of inspiration and transformation in the realm of holistic business, leadership, and life balance solutions.

Why did you create your own holistic approach for solving business, leadership and life balance challenges and what does it look like?

Before I delve in my coaching approach, it's essential to understand my background. Working for 15 years in Bulgaria's corporate financial sector, I transitioned through a few roles that gave me enormous knowledge on business operations like how expansion, reorganization and risk management in large organizations, small and medium business are implemented, leadership dynamics, and the diverse challenges individuals face across industries. So I can say that I got a big picture in combination with huge details of practical knowledge about how different size businesses are functioning, the challenges people have, and how the different leadership styles impact peoples' effectiveness, lives and business results.

Motivated by this firsthand understanding, I developed a holistic coaching approach aimed at empowering individuals to overcome challenges and find fulfillment in both their professional and personal lives. I sought to create a coaching methodology that bridges the gap between business, leadership, and personal well-being. My holistic approach addresses the interconnectedness of these elements, offering clients practical tools and support to navigate complexities and achieve sustainable success.

Do you remember the moment when you decided that your life purpose is to help people be more successful and happy?

I remember it vividly. After the birth of my son, I delved into personal development and wellness literature to be a better parent. This journey transformed my communication style and lifestyle, answering many lingering questions. As my maternity leave ended, I felt a strong inner calling to help others lead healthier and happier lives. Thus, I took the leap into entrepreneurship in 2011, starting as a wellness consultant.

And how did you decide to become a coach?

Discovering the power of coaching and NLP personally, I recognized in them the methodology that I needed in order to pursue my inner calling. I took my first certifications in 2014. Over the last decade I dedicated myself to continuous growth, culminating in becoming an NLP Somatic Coach accredited by ICF, mentor coach and trainer. Additionally, I mastered tools in stress release, emotional intelligence, business development, leadership, and more. And for almost 7 years, I have offered holistic coaching programs tailored to clients' unique needs and goals, ensuring lasting transformation and rapid results, which I enrich with new knowledge and tools every year.

How does your approach work exactly? How do you succeed to help people?

As a professional coach, my role is to facilitate a transformative conversation and journey by providing an unbiased perspective and guiding clients to make informed decisions. Instead of offering direct advice, I employ a question-based approach and utilize various coaching exercises to elicit clients' insights and wisdom, fostering conscious change. Through active listening and drawing upon my extensive experience, I've honed my intuition to identify overlooked gaps and ask powerful questions that provoke awareness. This enables clients to gain fresh perspectives, clarity, and reconnect with their inner wisdom, overcoming emotional obstacles that may impede progress.

My holistic approach recognizes the interconnected nature of business, leadership, and life balance.

Informed by my diverse experiences, I've learned that if we neglect one of them it invariably influences others negatively. Therefore, I integrate these three elements into my coaching methodology and in my trainings to provide comprehensive support, helping clients achieve holistic success and maintain fulfillment over the long term.

Can you give some examples from your practice, please?

In majority of the cases people come to me with communication and leadership challenges, but exploring the situations, often their challenges are also connected to lack of clarity on some business issues, or some personal problems, or they experience stress due to negative emotions like anger, fear, frustration, worries, or inner blocks that prevent them from having a clear point of view. The inner blocks are also caused by emotions. So we start working for stress release, then on finding clarity on the different situations and challenges, and then how to communicate more effectively. Or we start from the most difficult challenge that if we unlock, it will have a positive impact on many other areas of the client's business and life. In every coaching session my clients have a positive result and a solution.

For example, a client who approached me feeling overwhelmed by communication and leadership challenges in their business, many business ideas, sleep problems, lack of focus, energy and presence, hence having impulsive reactions to others that led to distancing. By addressing their stress levels first, then working on how to prioritize things and creating new habits, we built a foundation for clarity and emotional balance. Subsequently, we delved into their business challenges, focusing on effective communication strategies. As a result of our sessions, the client reported significant improvements in team dynamics, communication effectiveness, sleep quality and personal productivity. They noted feeling more confident, calm, and fulfilled in their professional role and in life.

Another example, a client approached me during a period of rapid company growth, facing conflicts with their co-partner and struggling to balance personal and professional demands. Through our work together, we established a holistic approach to prioritize their well-being alongside business objectives. After working on stress and negative emotions release, getting in a calm inner state, we developed a new strategy for solving conflicts with empathy to themselves and their co-partner. Then we worked on new habits for self-care. As a result, they reported improved interpersonal skills, enhanced self-understanding, cultivating more optimistic mindset and a newfound sense of inner balance and confidence.

These clients exemplify the profound and lasting transformative impact of my coaching methodology.

Well, and why did you decide to create your own Academy? And what is the difference between individual coaching and your trainings?

The decision to create The Art of Effective Positive Communication and Collaboration Academy came from my mission to empower leaders and teams to cultivate environments that unlock individuals' full potential, where team members feel appreciated, supported, experience fulfillment and thrive. I am dedicated to helping people maintain high personal effectiveness and creating a positive company culture where people truly enjoy their time and give their best.

In individual coaching we focus on solving challenges and achieving particular goals set by the client. In trainings we focus on integrating new skills for all people in the group. In this way team members grow together with their leaders.

My training programs delve beyond the conversational approach of studying more communication and collaboration techniques. The focus extends to understanding ourselves and others on a deeper level, developing healthy empathic skills, connecting easily with others with an open heart, creating an environment where people feel safe to share mistakes on time without the fear of being judged, punished or shamed. I guide individuals through the transformation of attitudes and inner state, fostering a positive mindset that significantly impacts how they communicate and the results they achieve. My clients share that thanks to my trainings the positive mood, collaboration and work efficiency rises considerably in their teams.

Tell us more about your third passion too, your mentoring role in Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP.

I wanted my impact to extend far beyond individual clients and companies in Bulgaria. In my role as a Global Coach Training Partner for Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP (ALCN), I play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of coaches worldwide. I guide students from diverse backgrounds around the globe through the process of becoming ICF credentialed NLP Somatic Coaches. At the heart of the training model is ALCN's Conscious Change Method, a powerful framework designed to support coaches and clients in aligning with their true selves and embodying who they need to be to make the impact they desire, and create the lifestyle they envision. A model I strongly believe in, as I used it to transform my own life. Partnering with ALCN is an honor for me and an inspiration because it allows me to contribute to more people bringing more light into the world.



Linkedin: Ivet Pavlova


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