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Iveta Mihaleva, Sales Manager at Kourasanit, on correctness and durable building materials

Iveta Mihaleva, Sales Manager at Kourasanit

In the modern world, with plastics and artificial materials all around us, there is a pressing need to connect to nature and make it an integral part of our lives. If you wonder how to upgrade your home, office, hotel or restaurant in an environmentally friendly way, Iveta Mihaleva, Sales Manager at Kourasanit, is here to help. By combining natural materials with millennia-old technology and modern design, Kourasanit offers natural lime-wash coatings for all types of indoor and outdoor surfaces. All of the company's products are based on the traditional mixture of volcanic ash, known as pozzolana, quartz sand and hydrated lime, also called Roman mortar. The company was named after it.

Where is the meeting point of feminine power and production of construction materials?

I think that we, women, combine a lot of perseverance, resilience and purposefulness along with a softness that helps us to connect with nature. For me it is important for anyone experiencing Kourasanit products in their environment to feel cosiness, softness, tranquillity and purity. My feminine power helps me to successfully establish myself in the field of construction which, as we are all aware, is male dominated. With time I managed to prove that it is not important whether one is a man or a woman, but whether one is resolute and able to make the right decisions. Correctness is crucial for the company where I work. For me it is important that everyone associates the name Kourasanit with quality products and an honest attitude. 

kourasanit interior

How do you realise in practice Kourasanit's philosophy to combine ancient traditions with innovation and care for the environment? 

Kourasanit started as a restoration company and follows the idea for preservation of heritage through renovation and restoration. We offer an environmentally friendly product of 100 percent natural materials that, with its antibacterial properties, improve the quality of life. Our products' advantage is their durability. They also age beautifully and do not need to be replaced. Two thousand years ago the Romans used a mortar mixture of volcanic ash and hydrated lime to build bridges, churches, aqueducts. This material is so resistant that it has successfully passed the test of time and today we can see it in the preserved historical and archaeological monuments from Antiquity. In actual fact, we offer our clients a product made with the same ingredients. This is why we are confident that it will resist all types of conditions. When people inquire whether our material is durable, I tell them that it is as durable as the Coliseum itself.

Iveta Mihaleva Kourasanit

Which of your projects make you proud with your job?

I am proud of all of my projects, both small and big. I put equal effort in working with clients who need materials for small spaces and ones who seek us for large-scale sites. I am happy that Kourasanit is already present in a variety of public spaces. Many hotels have chosen our solutions for their reception areas, spa centres, shared spaces, room decoration, and floorings. Every time we finish a project I am confident that when I meet the clients again they will be satisfied with the result and convinced in the quality of our product. I do not have a favourite project. Instead, I have satisfied clients.

Kourasanit bathroom 

What challenges do you have to overcome in your work? 

Every day meets us with challenges that have to be overcome. I prefer to call them cases rather than problems. For me, each case has a solution and often it is an immediate one. I overcome all difficulties with qualities like being reliable and perseverant. Luckily, I have the opportunity to work in a team where no-one says "no" and "this is impossible." Each day we prove to one another that we can achieve anything that we set as a goal. Kourasanit is an immense river that constantly flows, overcomes challenges, evolves and changes. We release new products on the market, we do things that have been long forgotten, such as natural mosaics. Mosaic making is a technology of the past which is enjoying a revival. To make it a part of our portfolio, we had to train young people, to master and develop a new work method. The formula is to never give up and to always set higher and higher goals.

How do you balance between your professional and personal life?

For me, the secret is to love your job. I do not work from 9 to 5, I never check what time it is. I want our clients to feel calm because they can rely on us at any moment. If you love what you do, you are happy and this transfers to your personal life. When you manage to find a partner who understands you, supports you and shares your point of view, things move in the right direction. A mutual affection!

Kourasanit bathroom

What else should we know about Kourasanit? 

When one wants to change their lifestyle, they first change their environment. To be able to do this, they first have to choose the best materials for the project. We offer our clients modern design and improved quality of life. Kourasanit materials provide a natural environment and clean air - things that we increasingly need, and bring a new value to the spaces where we spend a significant part of our time. We pay attention to each detail and we do not compromise with quality. 

Kourasanit Bulgaria

Sofia, 79-81 GS Rakovski St

phone: +359 882 942 950



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