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Anelia Kassabova, CEO, on the mission to show the best of her country on the international market

Anelia Kassabova, LIGNA
Anelia Kassabova, CEO of LIGNA

Ligna Group is a Bulgarian company with European work ethics and global understanding of life. For 18 years, Ligna has established its name in Europe as an interior design studio and an expert in management and realisation of interior projects for public buildings such as hotels, offices, automobile showrooms, restaurants and others. Since its foundation, the company has delivered furniture and hotel equipment and has performed furnishing project management of hotel chains designed by Europe-renowned interior and architecture studios. At a later point, Ligna created its own in-house creative team that designs interiors and products for hotels and public buildings.

business hotel

Business Hotel, design by LIGNA

Through the years, Ligna has furnished over 230 hotels of international and European chains such as Marriott International, Hilton, ACCOR Group, Best Western, Resorts World Hotels, B&B Hotels; boutique hotels in Germany, England, Austria, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and other; over 2,000 automobile showrooms in France for PCI Group (Peugeot and Citroën), Toyota in France and Romania; retail stores for L'Oreal and Aveda in France and Italy, La Post in France and many more.

Anelia Kassabova, CEO, shares more.

What is the mission of Ligna as a Bulgarian company working in the high-end segment of the international market?

Our mission is to show to the world a different and better face of Bulgaria. We work mainly with Bulgarian furniture and equipment manufacturers, proving on a daily basis that the "Made in Bulgaria" label can be a synonym of top quality that meets the highest international standards.

Canopy by HiltonCanopy by Hilton

We will be very happy if we manage to erase the prejudices that still exist in Europe about Bulgaria, the quality of its services and its people. Through the years we have experienced a lot of mistrust from foreign clients, but we have always managed to change their opinion about us and Bulgaria. In doing this, Ligna's team has shown enviable knowledge and skills.

In short, our mission abroad is to REBRAND BULGARIA.

Why did Ligna decide to partially refocus on the Bulgarian market? What are your advantages for your Bulgarian clients?

Several years ago we decided to enhance the process – after we have shown the best of Bulgaria abroad, now we want to introduce our vast European experience here, on local soil. We take the best international practices and apply them locally to improve the general situation and professionalism in Bulgaria as interior aesthetics and interior functionality, as project management and work ethics. In this line of thought, with time we started to create complete author's interior solutions for hotels and other public buildings, in which we put a lot of emotion and the experience that we gained from working with our European partners. There is a lot to improve in Bulgaria and we believe that we can contribute a lot. By creating more aesthetically pleasing tourist infrastructure we also upgrade the status of the visitors that Bulgaria attracts as a tourist destination.

Mountain Hotel

Mountain Hotel, design by LIGNA

What motivated Ligna to create its own collection of interior products?

The furniture and product series that we started to develop are a natural result of our work. First, we want to create affordable and practical products with wide application and, most importantly, with long life that spare the environment and save non-renewable resources. Our first product line, CONCRETE COLLECTION, is based on products made of concrete and stands out with a simple, clear, raw and unpretentious aesthetics – in a full contrast with the expensive luxury and lavishness of the hotels that we furnish. With it, we create relaxation to the senses.

concrete collection


Our second collection, INNOVATING TRADITION, which is still on the draft-board, is dedicated to preservation and modernisation of Bulgarian traditions. It will be ready in the spring of 2022.

What is MISSIA23 and for whom is it?

MISSIA23 is creative hub, an ideas accelerator and an event space that we established 2 years ago in the heart of Sofia. MISSIA23 is the organic evolution of our activity and the translation of Ligna's experience in other creative fields such as music, film making, animation and gaming, etc. The experience and connections that we have built with people from a wide spectre of creative industries naturally led us to the desire to have a space where to gather and encourage young people generating new creative content with high added value, which is again "Made in Bulgaria."

Sofia, 23 Mizia St



Web Exclusive interior design

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