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The company has been scaling new heights for more than two decades


Service outsourcing in Bulgaria is hardly news. However, a Bulgarian company has successfully redefined not just the meaning of this cliché, but has filled it with new meaning. For over 20 years now Lirex BS, a part of the LIREX group, has been bravely conquering new ground, establishing itself as a managed services leader on four continents.

The solutions offered by Lirex BS cover flexible options for cloud-based and traditional infrastructures, help-desk support, cybersecurity management, virtual workplaces, etc. The company offers expertise and support in the most crucial areas for every organisation today – its IT infrastructure and cybersecurity. Lirex BS has played a pivotal role in propelling Bulgaria to the forefront as a premier outsourcing destination in Europe.

The evolution of Lirex BS is both impetuous and stable – a series of right steps made at the right time with the right team. In 1999, the young company achieved a significant milestone by securing its inaugural managed services contract in Bulgaria. It was a fateful time – the Bulgarian state, society and economy were recovering from the economic and social turbulence of the 90s. Scores of young IT professionals were seeking how to pursue their dreams of professional growth in more prospective countries and companies in the West. Amidst this environment, Lirex BS successfully assembled a highly motivated and professional team, delivering services of exceptional reliability, execution quality, and forward-thinking, which later became the hallmark of the company.

Just 2 years later, in 2001, Lirex BS stepped on the international markets. Initially focusing on Central and Eastern Europe, this breakthrough marked a significant milestone, setting the stage for Lirex BS's future growth and the expansion of its client network.

For Lirex BS, 2002 and 2003 were a time of expanding the scope of services for monitoring and administration of Active Directory and DNS. In 2004, the company signed its first contract for global information security services, better known now as SOC-as-a-Service. Two years later, Lirex BS signed contracts in Asia, amazingly in traditional outsourcing destinations such as China, Thailand, India, and others.

In 2007, Lirex BS started offering the first managed service for Single-Sign-ON and integration with ERP and business applications, and signed its first contract for managed IT services with the government. Two years later, the company ventured into some of the most demanding markets in the world, namely the USA and Canada. By 2016, the list of foreign countries with Lirex BS clients already included Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The list keeps on getting longer...

At the same time, Lirex BS was also making its first steps in a new service that later became a signature part of its portfolio – VDI-as-a-Service, a flexible and cost-effective solution for companies seeking to optimise their desktop infrastructure and to support a modern and mobile workplace. In 2017 and 2018, the Bulgarian branch organisations BAA and BASSCOM gave the Project of the Year Award to Lirex BS 's VDI-as-a-Service. Two years later, Lirex BS made the next ambitious step in its bold biography – it started offering Offsite Immutable Backup-as-a-Service in Bulgaria, the EU and the USA.

This rich, intensive and even revolutionary history gives Lirex BS the deserved confidence of being a leader in offering top class services that guarantee unrivalled effectiveness and professionalism. The company is proud with its rich experience and high quality, reliability and safety of its services, supported by the many certificates by various systems for quality management, IT services, informational security and continuity of the business processes.

All of these can be achieved only with a team that is simultaneously competent, motivated and driven to discover new grounds – like the experts of Lirex BS. The proof is the multiple professional certificates by leading IT vendors such as Microsoft, VMware, CISCO, Veeam and HP, and process-oriented certificates such as ITIL, Agile, PMP, etc. These – and the international success of Lirex BS.

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