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Dimitar Goshev, CEO, successfully works on his goal to provide businesses with the best cargo offer

make my cargo Dimitar Gochev
Dimitar Goshev, CEO of Make My Cargo

In the past few years the number of companies for which it is vital to transport their products quickly, effectively and at optimised cost grew exponentially. However, the process is not always flawless.

The solution is an innovative Bulgarian idea. Make My Cargo is an ambitious startup with an even more ambitious idea – to connect companies with the best air and sea freight companies at the best conditions possible, all over the world. Make My Cargo focuses on functionalities such as free registration, easy use and effective offering. Its clients are more than satisfied – with the platform their business thrives without waste of efforts, energy and expenses.

We talked to Dimitar Goshev, CEO, to learn more.

What is Make My Cargo?

Make My Cargo is an innovative Internet platform that gathers in one place the business and freight companies. The goal of Make My Cargo is to help the business always have the best offer for air and sea transportation, and to provide freight companies with access to new enquiries on a daily basis.

For what clients is it?

Make My Cargo is for all businesses whose activities include import and export via air and sea, and for all legitimate freight companies that can process this cargo. The platform is free for the business.

Why does this idea have a future? What are its advantages?

Make My Cargo solves a problem that until recently has lacked a solution, namely "How can a company always have the best transport offer?" The transportation sector is extremely dynamic and offers' conditions and costs depend on a number of factors. What determines the price of a spedition is how strong is the partnering company in the respective destination that will process the cargo. There is no guarantee that if a freight company has given you a good price for the US, its offer for China will be equally good. Moreover – we can never be sure that on the market there is no better price than the one offered by your established freight partner.

make my cargo

The solution to this problem is to ask all freight companies on the market for an offer. This is already possible, thanks to Make My Cargo. With the platform's help we have to make just a single inquiry to receive a number of offers. Then we can compare the prices and can choose the best one. Make My Cargo will surely save time and money to the business, and it will do it free of charge! In the platform we have already witnessed cases with 60% differences in offers for a single enquiry.

How is the process organised?

The company fills in a special enquiry form for sea or air transport. It becomes visible to all freight companies on the platform, and they give their offers. The consignor confirms which is the best offer for them. This is not bidding. Make My Cargo informs the selected freight company that it has won and provides the consignor contacts so that they can get in touch and finalise the deal. The platform also provides feedback to the freight companies that have participated in the offering, and informs them that they have not been selected. Make My Cargo is an extremely powerful tool to find the best offer on the market and is not involved in the processes afterwards.

Is it easy to use Make My Cargo?

Make My Cargo was developed with the help of professionals in the field so that it is user friendly. The specifically created interface for enquiries leads the user through all steps in the process and does not allow you to miss any important information. The platform is intuitive and does not require previous training.

How do you find consignors?

Via direct and online marketing. Often they find us by themselves after they have realised that the platform will work for them.

How do you see Make My Cargo in the future?

Our mission is Make My Cargo to be so user-friendly and effective to become a daily tool for businesses and freight companies all over the world.

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