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And all dental services are under one roof. Mutafchiyska Dent – the place for smiles and friends

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Dr Bonka Mutafchiyska

Dr Bonka Mutafchiyska is the founder and owner of Mutafchiyska Dent dental clinic in Plovdiv. She is known not only for her impeccable professional reputation and years of practice, but also as being one of the city's most beloved and respected dentists. We asked Dr Mutafchiyska how she achieved this.

Dr Mutafchiyska, when do we need Mutafchiyska Dent?

First, I want to strongly recommend to all patients to not wait until they need dental help. Needing to visit the dentist usually means that the patient is already experiencing an advanced disease and pain. This is why they should never skip going to the dentist for prophylaxis at least once in a year!

Otherwise, each patient has completely individual needs. Individual needs require an individual approach. This is what we aim to provide at Mutafchiyska Dent. My ambition has always been for the patients to know that they can find an answer for each of their particular problems and a solution for all of their wishes connected to their smile's health and beauty – from ordinary caries treatment to the most severe cases that require intervention by an oral surgeon. From correction with splints and braces to aesthetic procedures that make the smile more beautiful. From gum diseases to root canal treatment. And, of course, from the eldest to the youngest patients.

Mutafchiyska Dent team

The dentists are specialists that patients visit in the last resort and with displeasure. However, your patients are different – they stay with you for years and enter and leave your clinic smiling. How do you achieve this?

With love and dedication to my profession and patients. Our clinic's motto is "A place for smiles and friends" and this is not a coincidence. I love my work so much that I perceive each patient as a close acquaintance. I want them to feel that they are in a friendly, smiling, calm environment. To come here not because of some unpleasant obligation, but with eagerness, aware that here they will see smiles and meet friends.

Is your "recipe" the same with children? They are not easy patients.

The adult who is afraid of the dentist was a child who was afraid of the dentist. This is why it is truly crucial to teach young patients to trust the dentist.

Each Monday, we at Mutafchiyska Dent have our Kids' Day, when we work only with our youngest patients. Being in the clinic together with other children calms them down, because they see: "I am not the only one here, there are other kids, too, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Courage!"

When they are on the chair, we tell them interesting tidbits about teeth and give them different tasks. The experience becomes a game for them, it provokes their curiosity, makes them feel special and ambitious to achieve something. In the end, each of them receives an award for the bravest patient!

Why did you decide to offer all dental services under one roof?

Often our patients need combined treatment that requires several separate procedures. Saving them the need to go to different clinics and offices is crucial – not only for comfort's sake. It allows our patients to see that we are responsible for and guarantee with our name the quality of their treatment from the beginning to the end.

When the patient needs treatment with dental implants or oral surgery, you partner with leading professionals outside Mutafchiyska Dent. Why did you choose this approach?

Because we do not believe that we are the best in all fields of dentistry. And because we want to offer our patients the best service possible.

Dr Bonka Mutafchiyska

Oral surgery in general and implantology in particular are exceptionally serious fields of dentistry that require impeccable expertise. At the same time, a growing number of patients choose dental implants as the best solution for restoration of missing teeth.

This is why I am extremely happy from our wonderful partnership with some of the best names in this field. In the past couple of years we have worked together with Dr Branimir Kirilov, an oral surgeon and owner of Medical Dent clinic in Sofia. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for our partnership! He has helped us to restore the smiles of hundreds of patients here, in Mutafchiyska Dent!

How do you choose the materials and technologies that you use at Mutafchiyska Dent?

A long time ago I discovered for myself the truth that cheap costs more. This is why I insist on working with top-class technologies, top-class dental implants, top-class materials. This is not a whim. The compromised equipment or low-quality materials can compromise the patient's whole treatment. I cannot allow myself to do this, so I never compromise with the quality.

How do you keep yourself in top professional shape?

Our profession has been rapidly evolving in recent years. This is good news for patients who already have access to world-class quality dental treatment. However, it is also a challenge for dentists to not lag behind new trends for even a day.

Happily, today we already have countless opportunities to improve our professional qualification with trainings, seminars, courses, and competitions. This is what I and my team aim to do constantly – to be in line with the latest scientific achievements and to always apply the most advanced treatment methods. This investment always pays off. Especially with the smiles of our patients!

Plovdiv, Trakiya district, Block 143, entrance А, floor 1

088 878 6347

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