by Bozhidara Georgieva

Women want many things – and they totally deserve them


The question of what women want and the inability to answer it conclusively are as old as the world. Or at least this is what popular culture has been trying to convince us. The truth is that women have always known what they wanted. Men have been probably misled by the fact that women simply want too many things at the same time.

Health, love, harmony, family, professional success, time for yourself and travel, reading books, daydreaming... No modern woman would object to all of those being a part of her everyday life. The list, of course, can and should be extended to include less essential, but crucial things such as impeccable looks, smooth and firm skin, a face without wrinkles, sculpted and firm body, healthy and shiny hair. And also: elegant jewellery that makes life more beautiful and finishes the outfit, and clothes that reflect the individuality and complement the figure.

Is it possible to satisfy all female dreams? No and it is not necessary. Even the most successful women admit that the key to the wholesome, aware and happy life is to get your priorities right. You just have to choose what is the most important thing for you and to work hard to achieve it. However, in order to enjoy life, from time to time you have to relax and indulge with something pleasant and beautiful.

On the following pages you will find just this – suggestions that will make your life better, more joyful and pleasant not only in March, the month of women, but year round.

The shine of perfection: Coeur de Lion jewellery pieces embody the eternal femininity

All perfect things are simple, elegant and eternal in their beauty – we see this truth materialised in the jewellery pieces of Coeur de Lion. The German brand for designer handmade jewellery for almost four decades now has searched and achieved perfection in the idea, the shape and the execution – and gives it to us in a beautiful package.

Each year, the Coeur de Lion collections explore the concept of eternal feminine elegance expressed with bright and delicate combinations of semi precious stones and crystals, stainless steel, gold, and pearls. The possibilities to combine the different bracelets, necklaces and earrings and to play with ideas and colours make owning and wearing Coeur de Lion jewellery a creative process with inevitably unique results.

This bold approach fits perfectly the modern women who seek tasteful yet impressive elegance in each moment of their day – at work, when relaxing or having fun.

Find the Coeur de Lion suggestions that fit best your personality at the Remco stores in Sofia, at 29 Alabin St and 7 Solunska St, and on www.remco.bg.

Eternal beauty is possible with jewellery by ТАTYANA DUHARSKA

All women want their beauty to be immune to the changes of time – just like the beauty of diamonds that remain shiny and hard regardless of the circumstances. The jewellery collection of TATYANA DUHARSKA – ANTWERP (www.bj-diamonds.com) is a marvellous way to make diamonds' eternal beauty a part of your everyday life. 

A ring of 18k gold with diamonds, a classical engagement ring, the elegant Tennis bracelet in your preferred colour of gold, Stars earrings with white diamonds... the piece of jewellery of your dreams awaits you at the new showroom of TATYANA DUHARSKA – ANTWERP (Sofia, 75 GM Dimitrov Blvd, Vega Hotel). Book your appointment on 0897 27 37 07.

Bringing our youth back with EMS, RF and LED therapy at home

The equipment for high-tech skin care at home is the specialty of the online store SkinTime.bg. The star in its catalogue is deservedly the rejuvenation device for EMS, RF and LED therapy – Premium edition. Equipped with 2 working heads and 6 regimes, the device helps in anti-age care and the fight with imperfections, and improves the absorption of the active ingredients in your favourite cosmetic products into your skin. Learn more on SkinTime.bg.

Firm body without cellulite with anti-cellulite procedures at Nude Aesthetic Center

The professionals at Nude Аesthetic Center (Sofia, 58 Madrid Blvd, phone: +359 899 899 744, www.nude-aesthetic.bg) know that the key to the harmony of the soul and the body is to feel good in our own skin. This is why their anti-cellulite procedures use the high quality EOS technology of VelaShape III with the proven best radio-frequency. It reduces the cellulite and the fat deposits, slims down the measurement in the targeted areas, improves the skin texture and stimulates the synthesis of new collagen. The procedure is safe, fast, pain-free and effective. For the best results, the professional team will offer the best approach for each individual case.

Declaration of love with Hristina  Cosmetics

Women are beautiful when they love themselves and give themselves the best care. The Bulgarian company for natural cosmetics Hristina (www.kozmetikahristina.com) helps them to achieve this. 

The products for face, skin and hair care under the Hristina brand are a successful combination of herbs, oils and essential oils. Created with the desire to help any woman to be the best version of herself, they are for ladies of all types of needs, budgets, and tastes. The result is one – thousands of satisfied and loyal clients who look and feel better, thanks to Hristina Cosmetics.

Relax on the wings of Italian style with ARTEFINO furniture

Inspired by the beauty and freedom symbolised by wings, the Wing collection grabs the attention with its elegance and uniqueness to provide you more than some pleasant ambiance to unwind. The set of outdoor furniture of a three seater sofa, two armchairs and coffee table designed by Pininfarina, offered by ARTEFINO (www.artefino.bg), will make your garden a memorable place for relaxation and meeting friends. ARTEFINO's product portfolio covers everything that you need – facades, decking, outdoor furniture.


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The Christmas and New Year's holidays are the time when we are free to concentrate on fulfilling our wishes and on everything that brings us pleasure.

The summer is coming, and with it our excitement increases. Our souls crave the caress of the sun rays and the sea, the light clothes and the journey that we can finally take on. But are our body, face, skin and hair ready as well?
It is often said that a woman’s soul is а complex mystery, difficult to solve, and the moods and de- sires of ladies are changeable, vague, and sometimes deprived of logic. It is true that women are differ- ent and everyone has her own individual longings.
To give or to receive presents? Some people prefer the former, others – the latter, yet others love to do both. What unites them all is that regardless of the occasion, the tradition fills the hearts of everyone involved with joy, happiness and warmth.
Gifts are one of the best ways to say "I love you" to the people we cherish. And the best time to do it, outside of special events in life, are the Christmas and New Year's feasts.
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No matter if the winter in question has been mild. The very thought about the coming summer inevitably begins to excite us long before the season's actual beginning. The warmth! The vacation! The planning! The long days and the short nights!
Historians say that gifts are a pillar of human civilisation.
The Christmas and New Year's celebrations in 2020 will be as never before. Unlike other years, this December we will forget about the ease with which we planned trips, meetings with friends, parties and family gatherings. But this should not discourage us.
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