by Bozhidara Georgieva

Our pets deserve only the best care we can provide

The very idea of a pet is something that makes us, humans, different from other animal species. We are capable of giving our heart, spending our money and devoting our attention to an animal that at a first glance doesn't give us anything in return. Indeed, we do no longer need cats to keep the mice population at home under control, and most of the shepherd dogs live a quiet urban life instead of running after flocks on meadows.

Why, then, do we have pets? For the modern person, the dog, the cat, the parrot or the hamster are a cultivated touch with nature. They calm us when we are stressed. They enliven our home, make us laugh with their games and songs. They quickly become full members of our family, regardless of whether the said family consists of one or more humans.

With the love to the pet, however, comes the responsibility for it.

Good pet care begins with food. At a first glance this might look a pointless statement, but one should be aware that dogs, cats and other animals at home should receive only food that is balanced in nutrients and elements, and is suitable for their species, size, lifestyle. Pets should have a feeding regime; you should take care that they do not overeat so they do not get obese, but also that they receive enough food to be healthy. With dogs you should be careful not to overindulge them with human treats. These can cause serious health problems to the pet, so stay strong and do not let to be softened by the sad glances and sighs that accompany each bite of chocolate that you take.

Make everything possible to provide your pet with clean, comfortable living environment. Provide it with enough opportunities to have fun, to play, to not get bored – even if it is a turtle. Is is also recommendable that the pet at home has a place it thinks of as its own, where it feels secure and calm.

The other crucial factor for the good health of the pet is the vet. The proven professionals in this field are as important for your cat or dog as are human physicians for the human members of your family. They will advice you not only on now to most effectively feed your pet, but will also take care of the obligatory vaccinations and of the deworming treatment. Many people think that cats that stay indoors do not need such things, but this is hardly the case. With each entering from the outside we bring at home a number of invisible pathogens that can cause serious harm to the cat. That is why cats should, too, regularly see the vet. The vet will also advice on whether to neuter your pet, and will implant an ID chip in the dog. In short, this professional is your most trusted ally in your fight for the health and the good condition of your pet.

With its 45 specialists the Central Veterinary Clinic (Sofia, 25B Chavdar Mutafov St, phone: 0888 100 970; is the biggest veterinary hospital in Bulgaria and on the Balkans. Apart from the standard procedures, the clinic offers neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, cardiology, orthopaedics. The priorities of the clinic are the excellent service and treatment, the attention to the patients and their owners, the minimisation of stress, and the application of the most modern procedures and technologies in vet medicine like the pacemaker implantation for animals with pathological arrhythmia and seizures. For patients with ruptured knee ligaments, growth problems or pathologies, orthopaedic implants are applied. The clinic offers as well total hip replacement. Another rare procedure is applied to small dogs, such as chihuahua, pug, spitz or pinscher dogs – when their breathing becomes too difficult, the doctors place tracheal stent.

Founded in 2005, Dobro Hrumvane Veterinary Clinics (Sofia, 125 Knyaz Boris I St, 10 Poduevo St, 10B Pierre De Geyter St, emergency phone: *3536, FB: dobrohrumvane, are already a well known name among pet owners. The clinics are staffed by professionals who combine high qualification and sincere care for animals. Regardless of whether is it a routine check-up or a disease that is hard to diagnose, at Dobro Hrumvane you will receive adequate help and competency. The clinics are also engaged in a number of social causes, like adoption of homeless animals and work with the Wild Animals, an NGO for medical care for suffering wild animals and their reintroduction into nature.

The grooming, or the complete care for pets' appearance, is key for their health and excellent condition.

Usually when pet grooming is concerned, people associate it with care for the skin and the fur of dogs. In reality, grooming is beneficial to home cats as well. Regardless of their breed and the length of their fur, cats also need hair styling, combing, care for their skin and nails, ear and eye zone cleaning, and many more. Furry Mury Studio (Sofia, Lyulin Centre, 38 Architect Georgi Nenov St, reservation and information: 089 7 565 966, offers complete care for pet appearance. In September 2018 it will become Bulgaria's first beauty studio exclusively for cats. In it you will find not only the full set of cat services. The experienced professionals at Furry Mury know well the feline psychology and will make the visit at the studio a pleasant experience for both you and your cat. During the procedure your cat will not be sedated. The studio works with top-quality Spanish cosmetics for skin and fur care by Artero.


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