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Contemporary logistic centers and office spaces offer excellent conditions for development

What a business needs in order to develop and grow? Ideas, people and technologies are of utmost importance, but without proper spaces for goods storage and for work places for the specialists everything else would be unthinkable. In the recent years the office, industrial and logistic properties not only in Sofia, but also in Bulgaria, developed. The explanation is obvious – the Bulgarian economy is growing, largely due to manufacture, export and import, the outsourcing and IT industry. In the capital and the large cities appeared demand for quality office spaces – and supply to meet it.

Thus, in a couple of years in Sofia appeared areas with higher concentration of office spaces around busy and key transportation arteries, such as Tsarigradsko Shose Boulevard. Such Class A projects are attractive as they provide good communication and easy access from all parts of the city, spacious offices with ability for redesign to fit the company's needs, enough parking spaces, areas for relaxation, security and property maintenance.

Bulgaria is not an exception from the world trend for increase of short and long-distance goods transportation. Companies order and send goods from and to manufacturers and clients all over the globe. Customers buy online products of all sorts and types, lured by the lower prices and the immense choice. On air, ground and water, billions of tons of goods cover thousands of kilometres every day to reach their end recipient.

The bustle in Bulgaria's logistic sector is the result not only of global trends in the field. The country is located at an important European crossroad of transport corridors between Central and Western Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia, the Middle East.

Sofia is at the centre of this network of roads and opportunities to transport goods to all corners of the world. Encircled by a network of highways and with an international airport, the capital is a centre for goods redistribution. This has determined the appearance of modern warehose spaces with good communications, excellend conditions and options for storage of a variety of non-perishable and perishable goods.

When you are looking for a modern warehouse with good location. flexible solutions and comfortable spaces, Logistic Park Sofia (+359 8 9999 77 99,, is an excellent choice. Spread over 115,000 sq.m by Ravno Pole, in the capital's outskirts, the park has an easy access to Trakiya and Hemus motorways, Sofia Airport and the Ring Road. The warehouse spaces are up to 13.20 m high, improving storage efficiency. The logistic park has independent power supply and also water supply, sewage, fibre optic cable and gasification. The antistatic finishing of the flooring allows storage of food, electronic and other specific goods. The stable concrete construction, for its part, allows storage of heavy objects. The options for daily, weekly, monthly and long-term lease provide flexibility to the clients, and the expenses for drinking and fire system water, electricity and gas supply are low. The constant CCTV and the modern fire extinguishing system guarantee security. Logistic Park Sofia also offers facility management services.

Bulgaria's location on the Black Sea coast is another key factor in the logistics development in the country. Since antiquity, the Black Sea ports have been important centres of exchange, and today their role is only growing. With this increased as well the investments and the opportunities for easy, quality and timely storage of goods and their passing through customs.

The only free zone on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Burgas Free Zone (5 Trapezitsa St, 154, phone: +359 56 84 20 47, is an important logistical hub strategically located next to Port Burgas, Burgas Airport, Trakiya Highway and Bulgaria's railway network. The free zone offers excellent conditions and full range of storage, logistical and transportation services. The modern warehouses have complete infrastructure and the year round a relatively stable temperature is sustained in them. The zone also offers open storage areas. The loading equipment allows processing of almost all types of cargo and the warehouse terminal provides opportunity for intermodal transport. Free Zone Burgas is a licensed customs agent and offers administrative, customs and spedition services. Its clients can also use the services for goods processing and insurance and financial operations.

When will the ordered goods arrive and what their quality will be are questions that engage thousands of people every day, ones whose answers are crucial for work places and whole industries. Thanks to modern logistic centres in Bulgaria, such questions decrease and the quality of the service increases. A factor for a win-win situation.

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