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Ready for vacation

Summer is a special season. It is the only part of the year of which we think about long before it has arrived. We anticipate its future pleasures: the vacation by the seaside or in the mountains, the sun's caress on the skin, the feel of relaxation, escape from the everyday life, reconnection to our authentic Self.

With this, however, comes the question: and how do we look? Is it not too late to achieve the smooth skin and sculpted body with which to enjoy life and sun?

Luckily, modern technologies and the development of beauty care allow us to reap real results in no time. High-tech targeted therapies and procedures, including ones for home use, effective cosmetic products, scarless aesthetic surgery with short recovery period – the achievements of civilization help us look good in a fast and efficient way, without needless efforts.

We only have to take care of the result – with reliable sun protection on the skin and marvellous clothes and jewellery of natural materials.

Serdev Clinic: Being beautiful without efforts

Dr Serdev nose correction

Both women and men want to be beautiful and happy without any effort. At SERDEV CLINIC: MEDICAL CENTER AESTHETIC SURGERY, AESTHETIC MEDICINE (11, 20th April St, Sofia, phone: +359 888 802 004, our wish comes true. Under the guidance of Dr Nikolay Serdev, an internationally renowned specialist in aesthetic surgery and medicine, the centre offers facial, buttock or breast lifting with no visible scars. The results are impeccable. The procedure is fast, and so is the recovery. This is due to the special closed approach scarless Serdev Suture® SMAS lifting (by sewing). The clinic also offers modern and atraumatic methods for rhinoplasty, Vaser ultrasonic liposculpturing are also performed in the centre, as well as Photoepilation, Botulinum toxin injections and more.

Sun is our friend with Hristina Natural Cosmetics

hristina cosmetics sun protection

The bright sun rays are nice – when our skin is properly protected. The products by the Bulgarian brand for natural cosmetics Hristina ( allow us to enjoy the sun protected. The series of sun protection oils with SPF 30 has a seducing smell, and the special pharma cream offers the highest SPF 50 protection. After the beach, nourish the skin with a calming or a moisturising product. The pure cocoa oil protects from free radicals, and for irresistible looks opt for a gold dust tanning oil or an oil for quick tanning.

The future of home beauty care: LED face and neck mask by AYVA Beauty

ayva beauty led mask

When innovation in beauty care is discussed, the LED face and neck mask by AYVA Beauty (phone: +359 899 633 682, is our first association. This product not only looks as a sci-fi movie prop. It combines the most advanced technology with years of tradition in treatment of acne, early signs of ageing and pigmentation with LED light. Safe, effective and modern, the LED mask makes high-quality skin care possible even at your home. And can be used in any season.

For total face refreshment: Nourishing serum Lily with OMEGA 3+6+9

Lily with OMEGA 3+6+9

Our tired skin is happy to meet the nourishing serum Lily with OMEGA 3+6+9 by ONmacabim, professional cosmetics from Israel ( or with a procedure at LYLYT Beauty Studio, Sofia, 3 Razvigor St, phone: 0894 810 926, Rich in microelements, vitamins Е and А, and natural antioxidants, this unique concentrate activates skin's vital functions. Lily rejuvenates, reduces cell dehydration and normalises skin breathing. It absorbs fast, reaches deep under the skin's surface and leaves it gentle as silk.

A summer full of colour and style with COEUR DE LION jewellery

Fresh as morning dew and light as a sea breeze: the new collection from COEUR DE LION combines vibrant designs and fine materials with Mother Nature's most exquisite colours. 

The reimagined GEOCUBE® line combines vibrant hematite stones with titanium or sunny gold and bright blue shades. The 4-in-1 necklace easily transforms into an elegant, subtle, casual or bold piece of jewellery – a boon for ladies who want to stay stylish without too much effort. 

The line of elegant necklaces with subtle Swarovski® Crystals and COEUR DE LION's trademark cubes of stainless steel in yellow and pink gold, and silver, enrich your options to look different every single day. 

Want to attract attention without getting over the top? Then opt for a pendant and matching earrings, bracelet and ring combining sapphire blue, sparkling crystal, stainless steel and delicate rose gold. 

COEUR DE LION is a leading manufacturer of modern designer jewellery which is hand-made in Germany. You will find its pieces in Bulgaria on and in Sofia, at 29 Alabin St and 7 Solunska St.

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