by Bozhidara Georgieva

Contrary to the cliches, our desires are not that hard to understand and that difficult to realise

What do women want? According to the widely accepted view this is a question without an answer. It is believed that we struggle to decide what do we want and in the moment we finally have it we forget it completely and begin to obsess over something else.

Like all cliches this one holds some water. But the inability to choose and to be happy with your choice is a problem that affects the modern humans as a whole, not just women. We are facing so many opportunities and are overwhelmed by so many inspirational examples that we always feel unsatisfied.

When we look in depth we will discover that the desires of the modern woman are actually constant, stable and quite simple. A woman wants attention and affection, health for herself and her loved ones, good physical tone and inner harmony, young skin and shiny hair, a collection of clothes and pieces of jewellery that make her feel beautiful and good, the opportunity to realise her potential and friends with whom to enjoy life.

Realisation of this quite short list of wishes can appear hard to achieve, but truth is that with a little bit of luck and with the right kind of help it can become a reality. Particularly in the points regarding the good looks and inner harmony, fashion and accessories. Why? Because the world we live in provides us with the opportunity to choose between so many effective methods to stay in shape, to deal with our little imperfections, to rejuvenate ourselves and seek inner harmony, and of course, to own trendy clothes and accessories. The key word here is quality. Rely on it and you will never need to answer the question "What do I really want?".


ThaimOut: The wonder of Thai massage

Sedentary living inevitably affects the health and the appearance: the back hurts, the joints are stiff. At ThaimOut Studio (Sofia, 1 Pope John Paul II Sq, phone: +359 876 33 55 97, www.thaimout.eu) you will find invaluable help that will make you feel brand new. The specialists at ThaimOut offer the best of the century-old tradition of Thai massage: traditional and aroma, with herb compresses and hot stones, antistress and sport, tok sen and feet massage. One visit is enough to feel younger, more flexible and full with energy, but is not enough to try everything. Don't miss as well the special beautiful hair, young face and relaxation rituals and procedures. ThaimOut works with original Thai products with organic ingredients.


Wellness soaps by SPEICK: Let Nature be with you

When you want to pamper yourself and you crave gentle care that doesn't harm the environment, the certified natural soaps for face, body and shower by SPEICK (www.taota.com) will meet your expectations. Each of them is created of clear essential and plant oils and certified sustainable palm oil. The Milk & Honey option is the only non-vegan one among them. The Wellness soaps make rich, creamy foam with splendid natural aromas, giving you not only a silky skin, but also the feel of lightness, energy and happiness.


Dr Petrana Kaliasheva: Your skin's best friend

If there is one thing that all women want, it is to preserve their youth. But how can we win the battle with age and stress? Dr Petrana Kaliasheva knows the answer (Derma Sofia Medical Centre: Sofia, 3 Byalo Pole St, Comfort Business Centre, floor 2, office 6, phone: +359 886 888 668, www.drkaliasheva.com). Dr Kaliasheva is a specialist in dermatology, venereology and aesthetic dermatology with rich experience and has a solution for every problem: from ultrasound HIFU-SMAS lifting, laser epilation and IPL photorejuvenation to skinboosters, hyaluronic acid and botox to rejuvenation with innovative Fractional Radiofrequency Therapy and many other therapies that restore youth and beauty.


Kontur Wellness: Individual care for the body and mind

Dynamic, stressed and busy, the modern woman needs a sanctuary where in a tranquil atmosphere she can preserve her beauty and inner harmony. Kontur Wellness (Sofia, 90 Bulgaria Blvd, www.kontur-wellness.com) is such a place. Its personalised programmes allow you to restore your spiritual balance and improve your physical tone. The variety of massages brings relaxation, health and recreation. The yoga programmes make your body agile and resilient. The natural cosmetics uses the gifts of Nature. The result will impress you – harmony is achieved, your tone is high, and you manage easily with the challenges of life.


COEUR DE LION: Always. And everywhere

The motto of COEUR DE LION's latest collection is hardly a coincidence. The elegant creations of the designer Carola Eckrodt demonstrate yet again that there is no case, style or a situation in which they will fail to bring in additional charm, glamour, elegance or daring.

Carola Eckrodt's innovative designer concepts combine classical and trendy hues and fabrics. Bright and enchanting, colours such as chestnut, fuchsia, turquoise, montane blue, pumpkin, plum, violet and the famed Yves Klein blue are recreated in stones like amethyst, anthracite, haematite, carnelian, amazonite, tiger's eye and sodalite. These are complemented by delicate pink gold and silver, stainless steel, textile, nappa leather.

The inimitable combinations and the elegant solutions make each piece of the COEUR DE LION brand immune to the change of time, and really trendy at the same time.

Your favourite piece of COEUR DE LION awaits you on remco.bg and in the stores in Sofia, on 29 Alabin St and 7 Solunska St.


MY PASSIONATE VOYAGE by Paramidonna: The best for the beach for summer'2019

It is never too early to think about what to wear on the beach and it is never enough to have only one piece of Paramidonna swimwear (Instagram: paramidonna_; www.paramidonna.com). For Summer'2019 the ambitious Bulgarian brand offers us the tempting collection MY PASSIONATE VOYAGE in three themes. The suggestions in black and white in the DOMINO theme are for ladies with classical taste. The bright colours and the vintage spirit of HABANA PASSION take us to Cuba and the tropics. For a sexy look with a hint of romantics we choose SEA SOUL with printed 3D mesh.


Ikoo Paddle X Brush: All that healthy hair needs

Your hair feels exhausted by the constant use of press? Help it to restore its shine with straightening it with a brush and a hair-drier instead. For the perfect straightening choose a flat brush with a ventilation opening like Ikoo Paddle X, that makes hair perfectly straight without burning and damaging it. Find Ikoo Paddle X and other professional products for hair care on www.fringe.bg


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The question of what women want and the inability to answer it conclusively are as old as the world. Or at least this is what popular culture has been trying to convince us. The truth is that women have always known what they wanted.

The Christmas and New Year's holidays are the time when we are free to concentrate on fulfilling our wishes and on everything that brings us pleasure.

The summer is coming, and with it our excitement increases. Our souls crave the caress of the sun rays and the sea, the light clothes and the journey that we can finally take on. But are our body, face, skin and hair ready as well?
It is often said that a woman’s soul is а complex mystery, difficult to solve, and the moods and de- sires of ladies are changeable, vague, and sometimes deprived of logic. It is true that women are differ- ent and everyone has her own individual longings.
To give or to receive presents? Some people prefer the former, others – the latter, yet others love to do both. What unites them all is that regardless of the occasion, the tradition fills the hearts of everyone involved with joy, happiness and warmth.
Gifts are one of the best ways to say "I love you" to the people we cherish. And the best time to do it, outside of special events in life, are the Christmas and New Year's feasts.
Summer is a special season. It is the only part of the year of which we think about long before it has arrived.
No matter if the winter in question has been mild. The very thought about the coming summer inevitably begins to excite us long before the season's actual beginning. The warmth! The vacation! The planning! The long days and the short nights!
Historians say that gifts are a pillar of human civilisation.
The Christmas and New Year's celebrations in 2020 will be as never before. Unlike other years, this December we will forget about the ease with which we planned trips, meetings with friends, parties and family gatherings. But this should not discourage us.
What do we, women, need to be happy?
They say you cannot buy happiness with money. It is true, in principle... until the moment when we see the shining eyes of our beloved one when they open the carefully packaged gift for a birthday, holiday or St Valentine.