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Galya Mancheva, PhD, teaches us how to be successful, calm and effective working mothers with the game-changing Inner Harmony programmes

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Galya Mancheva, PhD, founder of Inner Harmony

Modern women have unprecedented opportunities to unleash their potential in all types of career paths. With this, however, comes the heavy burden of balancing between professional ambition, family and children, and personal harmony.

Galya Mancheva, PhD, is the woman who shows that achieving this balancing act is possible. She herself is the embodiment of the notion for a successful professional woman. She is the co-founder of Global Business Booster, a startup that uses advanced IT science to help small companies grow, and is an expert in implementation of international banking and accounting standards. Her academic interests are focused on fields such political risk, risk management, monetary policy, and international finance, and her interest in social issues made her the founder and director of the For Healthier Children foundation.

Galya Mancheva is also the creator of Inner Harmony, a set of programmes tailored for working mothers that help participants to find the balance they crave between their professional and personal life.

Thousands of generations of women have been mothers. Why does the modern working woman need professional help to be a mother?

Thank you for this question! Different historical periods have brought different challenges to the woman and mother. Humanity has experienced wars, pandemics and many other hardships, and women have always been on the "losing side." We can start with Roman law, for example, whose main issue with women rights was to decide whether a woman becomes a property of her husband after her marriage, or remains her father's property. And we can end with today when Bulgaria is among the few countries in the world with a relative equality between the sexes. According to the World Economic Forum, in this respect Bulgaria ranks 20th, or among the best, in the world.

However, what are the challenges before the modern working mother? I would first consider the term "working." In Bulgaria, I have noticed the tendency that if a woman wants to stay out of work and take personal care of her child until the age of 3-4 years, she is under incredible pressure from her husband, parents and even the society that she should return to work as soon as possible. This means that working and earning more are imposed on the young mother by society, not by her personal needs or desires. Secondly, in the labour market the working mother competes with men and women without children and is subjected to equal work conditions but not equal pay. Thirdly, the work conditions require a lot from a working mother and rob her of her ability to be a dedicated parent, something which her children need and can suffer from in the long term. Last but not least, when a working mother has a successful career, she does not meet empathy from her family and friends. The result, in my experience, is burnout, panic attacks and depression.

There are already countries in the world that provide privileges to working mothers. Sadly, Bulgaria is not one of them and will hardly join soon.

Having in mind all of these, I believe that working mothers in Bulgaria need special support, such as the Inner Harmony programmes that I created and which already enjoy a significant interest.

Why is it important for us, working mothers, find our inner harmony and how can you help us?

When we have achieved inner harmony, which is a very special state of mind, we deal easily with all social roles imposed on a working mother. The programmes are designed to bring you step by step towards acquiring a more tranquil and harmonious personality towards both yourself and your children. In the programmes' next stage are built knowledge, skills and habits for managing personal finances, work and business. As a result, the ladies in our programmes succeed in creating a new personality that easily achieves all her goals and manages to bring up her children in a mindful and wholesome manner. This is actually the materialised dream of each working mother.

Why and how did you transition from finance and science to family consulting?

I have never turned my back on finance and science, and as the face of the Inner Harmony programmes I manage to be successfully present in all fields of my interests. The transition itself was easy as a decision but hard as a realisation, as until that moment I had no previous marketing experience with a service of this type. I forced myself to create the programmes as I saw they were needed, and I was right.

Actually, the Inner Harmony programmes are the product of finance and science as they were created after 20 years of research in the topics that they cover.

What is the most important thing you try to teach your clients?

The most important thing the ladies learn in the programmes is how to be successful and to realise their full potential while bringing their children in a self-realised and wholesome way.

What makes my programmes different is that I use my own methodology created after 20 years of research and condensed into 4 areas of life: personal growth, children, personal finance, and being successful in your work or business.

My clients learn proven and applicable strategies on how to combine career or business with their individual development and shared time with their children. As a result they enjoy more personal time and meaningful time with their children, are successful in their work or business, and earn more.

How does a session unfold and how many are needed to see improvement?

Individual meetings with me are just a fraction of what the participant eventually gets. During these meetings I am their mentor who guides them on the basis of their feedback about the level of implementation of the recommended practices. So far, after working with dozens of women, improvement is visible after the second and at latest the third month of consultation.

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